Norwegian Ninny Says She’s a Cat

I don’t find this so surprising. If a man can say he’s a woman, and wind up being “Woman of the Year,” surely an ass can say she’s a cat ( ).

I don’t believe this 16-year-old Norwegian nudnick sincerely believes herself to be a cat. In fact, if she were forced to live as a cat, she would think herself ill-used: no standing upright, no clothes, gotta eat cat food, no talking allowed… you know: the down side of being a cat.

Where are her parents? Under the bed, I would guess. Or maybe hiding in the attic.

No, this chick ain’t crazy. She’s just a particularly repulsive idiot who has figured out a way to get attention. Maybe I ought to ask her to advertise my books. Note the studs she’s had installed in her face. Maybe her parents ran away from home.

Why do I display such a stupid story here?

Because I wish to make the point that this stupid psycho crapola that first gets dreamed up in Collidge always escapes from the lab and winds up polluting the wider culture.