The Thrill Is Back!

The Bell Mountain Series - Reformed Reviews

I’ll never get over the thrill I experience when a story I’m writing takes on a life of its own and pulls me along with it.

It’s going to be tricky, putting the book into a coherent whole, but I’m sure the Lord will guide me. Like, waddaya know! Suddenly I have a pre-climax that not only leads into the double climax of the story, but also ties the two together. I never expected that, although it’s not the first time it’s happened. The story unfolds and I just write it down! How cool is that?

I’m already working on a second chapter of the pre-climax, with another chapter waiting in the wings. It’s really going to mess up my legal pads–but once I’ve got all the pieces written, I’ll be able to put them together as they should be.

Meanwhile… who knew Wytt had a streak of clairvoyance in him?

Share Me on Your Social Media (Please)

I am likely to come to a parting of the ways, soon, with, which means I will be an even more obscure writer than I am already.

Looking back, I find a suggestion from reader Jaroc Swift that I ask readers to share bits of this blog on the assorted social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

Well, now, that was a good idea that Jaroc had, and I’m here to ask you all again: please share me on your social media. I need the exposure and can’t afford to pay for it. And anyway I’d rather be mentioned by real people who really like my word than by some publicist who’d say Poems About Bunions was good if someone paid him.

I know, I know–not many of you have read my Bell Mountain books. But if you like the political commentary, the hymns, the satire, or any of the other stuff I post here, please share it with your friends.

It’s what Wytt the Omah would tell you to do, if he cared one iota for such things.