Dems: Color, not Content, is What Matters

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Do we honestly care about the skin color of whoever produced a cat video?

What kind of ninny can only enjoy a Youtube video if its creator has the right skin color, never mind the content of the video?

A Democrat, of course.

Democrat Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee and Karen Bass put the heat on a Google honcho recently–Google owns Youtube–for not taking steps to “promote creators of color” to achieve more “diversity.” Said Ms. Lee, Youtube has “not enough individuals of diversity” ( Whatever that means.

So is it okay to produce boring, sloppy videos, as long as the producers are “individuals of diversity”? Sort of like, it’s okay if your rowboat leaks, as long as it was built by someone of the desired pigmentation? I mean, we watch a cat video because we want to watch a cat video–why should it matter who produced it?

One gets the impression that liberals have devoted themselves to crushing all the joy out of life–because that’s the only kind of joy they know. Makes ’em feel righteous.

Anyone, anywhere, who votes for any Democrat, ever, needs his head examined.

The Top 50 Websites: 5 for Porn

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Yeah, all right, Google and Facebook are No. 1 and No. 2, not surprisingly, with Youtube No. 3: but in a recently published list of America’s top 50 websites, Numbers 6, 7, 8, 17, and 28 are porn sites (

That’s an awful lot of people spending an awful lot of time watching dirty videos.

For what it’s worth, Fox News has pulled ahead of CNN. There are times when the nooze bears more than a little resemblance to pornography.

I wonder why our culture can’t do better than this. Any theories, anyone?