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Some lucky reader will post the 3,000th comment on this blog; and whoever does it will receive a signed copy of one of my books–which one, your choice.

It’s easy to post a comment here. Just click “Leave a Comment,” located below the article in excruciatingly small grey type, and you’re in business.

Bear in mind that I will delete any comments that are blasphemous, or containing the f-bomb or other cuss words, or that are personally abusive to me or to another commenter on this site. You’ve got the whole rest of the Internet for garbage like that; please don’t track it into my virtual living room.

Other than that, pretty much anything goes.

8 comments on “Another Contest for Readers

  1. Your contest gives our family the excuse it needs to ask a question that has been perplexing us for some time…does Wytt have a tail? We do not remember you ever describing one, but the cover art on Bell Mountain seems to show one.

    1. Okay, if it isn’t a furry tail beginning at Wytt’s nether regions and arcing toward the firelight, what is it?

    2. I had to go back and look at the cover (beautiful art work by Kirk DouPonce). I see now why it looks to you that Wytt has a tail. The picture never struck me that way before. I think what you’re seeing is just a bit of the flame.
      To the best of my knowledge, Wytt and his kind are tail-less. But who am I to dictate to the reader? If you like him better with a tail, I make no objection.
      I left the tail off, though, because I didn’t want the Omah to be seen as a species of monkey.

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