A World Governed by Satanists


Does it bother any of you that America is about to do away with religious liberty? Gee, it’s only one of the core principles that brought this country into being. That whole “America” idea grew out of freedom of religion.

And remember when laws told you what you couldn’t do–and beyond that, you were on your own?

But now we have laws to tell you what you must do: for instance, buy medical insurance whether you want it or not, whether you can afford it or not, or else pay a fine.

But even worse than that, even more fundamentally antagonistic to our country’s very reason for being, is this new doctrine: Religious freedom ceases to exist the moment a Christian is ordered by a homosexual to take an active part in an evil, same-sex parody of marriage. If you’re a faithful, Bible-believing Christian, and a pair of lesbians demand that you–let’s say you’re a florist–personally decorate their “wedding” venue: well, pilgrim, the fact that you consider such a thing to be totally sinful, an abomination, a blot on your immortal soul–hey, that’s just too bad! You either participate in someone else’s sin, or the government destroys your livelihood, and maybe doesn’t stop there with your punishment–you menace, you enemy of the human race!

Really–if the government can actually force someone to take action that is outrageous to his conscience and his religious beliefs, how can we say there’s any religious freedom left?

At the same time, the UN’s top “climate” honcho–what an absurdity!–says Global Warming gonna kill us all, unless we take active steps toward “depopulation” ( http://www.infowars.com/video-un-climate-change-official-says-we-should-make-every-effort-to-depopulate-the-planet/ ).

Notice how none of these rich, powerful, Climate Change wallahs who wants to depopulate the earth ever sets a good example by hanging himself.

Do you know what is the scariest thing about all this business?

If by some powerful magic we could instantaneously consign the whole Obama regime to another universe, and completely dismantle the United Nations–as gloriously happy as that would make some of us feel, it would do no good. The places held by those devil-worshipers would instantly be filled by others exactly like them. That’s how deeply depraved our culture is. The corruption reaches very far down from the top.

America doesn’t need another election.

America needs an exorcism.

America needs her people repenting on their knees–and then rising up to defend the right, and do it.

8 comments on “A World Governed by Satanists

  1. You are so “right on” with this post. It is enough to cause any normal person to cringe, but what we need is to stop cringing, get up, put on the full armor, and set the battle in array with our General, the Lord of Hosts in front, and start marching.

  2. Just talking about this today. No-one should be forced to do something they do not want to.

    1. It’s more than just not wanting to do it. I don’t want to eat tomatoes. But this is about forcing people to sin.

  3. Excellent article. As you clearly demonstrate, we must be ever watchful and ready to stand up for our liberty, or the wrong forces will take it away. This is something demonstrated again and again in world history.
    Ray Miller

  4. There are plenty of powerful people out there who are essentially clones of the Roman Emperor Caligula or his nephew Nero and they want to make the world in their image. If they succeed most people will be little more than slaves and woe betides anyone who tries to live according to a scripture such as the Bible.

    1. Don’t miss today’s post, which addresses this very subject–or will address it, once I get the time to write it.

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