The Magic of ‘Equality’

Our country’s leaders, like the three witches in Macbeth, continue to brew mischief. Even those whom we persist in calling Republicans are getting ready to unleash Income Inequality as a major campaign issue for next year ( ).

Give me a break. Is there anyone so abysmally stupid as to believe that government, somehow, as if by magic, has the ability to “distribute” income “more equally”? You know–like they did in North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and the dear old Soviet Union.

Well, our leaders are counting on millions of Americans being that stupid, and casting their votes accordingly.

Because we are no longer ashamed at all to go openly against God’s commandments, it’s the easiest thing in the world for America’s politicians–themselves wallowing in wealth–to hold up “the rich” as handy targets for public covetousness and envy.

“Yes, you morons! That’s what’s wrong with America–The Rich have too much money! Vote for me, and give me the power to take more of their stuff and give it to you!”

(And please do not pause to look at the onerous federal regulations that restrict the production and distribution of goods and services, and please ignore the heavy taxes laid on just about everyone and everything, which drives up the price. Please don’t mention the truly staggering cost of government, gigantic bureaucracies that serve no useful purpose, billions of dollars wasted on completely useless programs, sweetheart pension deals for government employees… Move along, move along–there’s nothing to see…)

Is it possible that there is even one dunderhead out there who actually believes that Nancy Pelosi or John McCain or George Soros or John Kerry is going to part with one penny of her or his fabulous personal wealth so that a disgruntled middle-class American can afford a slightly better cable TV package?

Remember, you don’t have to be poor to be envious. All it takes is seeing someone who has a nickel more than you have, and working yourself into a state over it.

We really are turning into a truly disgusting nation.

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  1. Lee, I find your posts refreshing. Back in my youth I had a charming girlfriend from Budapest, you know the type, blond, curvaceous and privileged.

    I asked her what it was like growing up in a communist country?

    In her best Eva Gabor impersonation she, rolled her eyes, lowered her gaze at me as said stone sober, “darling. It wasn’t communist for me!”, with a little chuckle and a smile.

    Her father had been the chief of police in Budapest….

    Final comment before we got on with our evening to bring closure when she realized I was just a tad uncomfortable with her sense of entitlement and privilege. “Darling, people always get the government’s they deserve…….”

    Lee, we can only pray that Americans wake up before the nation slips over the cusp into the socialist abyss thus falling off the radar as the greatest social experiment in human history.

    A dedicated reader in London, Ontario, Canada

    1. Paul, that’s a great story, and you told it to me a couple of years ago. I’ve been using it in conversation ever since: “Darling, it wasn’t communism for me!”

  2. In Thomas Sowell’s “Discrimination and Disparities” he sites data to show how the different levels of wealth is an ever-changing array of people. People at the bottom 20 years later may be at the top, and people at the top may end up much lower on the scale. It is fluid, not fixed as the demagogues would have us believe.

    1. Poor Dr. Sowell must be getting tired of trying to explain this! Crikey, most of us start at the bottom. We don’t freakin’ stay there!
      Unless we belong to a cherished Democrat client group.

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