Are You As Smart as an NFL Draft Pick?

Here is a standardized test given to NFL draft picks, also known as college graduates ( ). According to the Washington Times article, the average score is 40%. As a former public school teacher, I feel certain beyond a vestige of doubt that the great majority of seniors in the high school where I taught would have done every bit as badly as the football players.

Here are some of the questions from the test.

1. What is the next number in the following pattern? 18,36,72,144… a)432 b) 162 c) 246 d) 288

2. Assume the first two statements are true. Amy knows Sam. Sam knows Joe. Does Joe know Amy?  a)yes b)no  c)not certain

6. Choose the word that best describes the meaning of the *starred* word used in the following sentence. The newspaper published a *scathing* review of the writer’s latest book.  a) praising  b) contemptuous  c) agreeable  d) uncertain

11. A girl is 16 years old and her brother is half her age. When the girl is 38, what will be the age of her brother?  a) 16  b) 19  c) 28  d) 30

And so on–questions that test basic reading ability, basic arithmetic ability, vocabulary, and basic reasoning power or common sense.

Here are a couple of ideas for further research. Give the test to Obama voters and see if they get any of the answers right at all. Then give it to members of Congress, the federal judiciary, and university professors. Then grieve for the future of America.

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    1. I dunno… the test was pretty expertly constructed so as not to be any of those things.
      Or ought I to know better than to think so?

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