Hillery for President!


Hi, I am blogging here today insted of that other guy because he is not here. I am in my fifth year of  collidge and in another two yrs i will get my batcheler’s degree in Liberation Studies, if I keep on getting extra credit for marching in Gay Pride parades and keying cars.

I am here to tell you to vote for Hillery for President! You have got to vote for her because she is a women, and it is time we had a women president. If you dont vote for her, you are a sexist and a hater, and you hate women too. My prefesser he says that everybody who doesnot vote for Hillery is against Science and also hates Gay People and childrens and The Poor.

My mother she says that Hillery is the most dishonest women in the world, and a big fat crook, and a hippocrit to boot, but my prefesser he is smarter than anybody’s mother and he says my mother is a enemy of the human race. He has promised to give us students class credit for all the time we spend volunteeering for Hillery’s campain and working for her.

Also Hillery ate a burrito the other day and that means she is fond of common people and not just interleccturals like us. She even wore a moo-moo when she did it!

My prefesser he says that any of his students who dont vote for Hillery, he is going to flunk them out of collidge. Well, it would serve them right! I think everyone should vote for Hillery and get in trouble if they dont.

Well, now I have to go to my next class and learn some more true facts. Remember, vote for Hillery or else.

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  1. Yeah, that “other guy” states his case very well. Trouble is, the normal people don’t understand his highly educated presentation all that well.
    Yeah, right.

  2. Ive hacked Laras account and have come to say that i totes agree with you. i to am in college, study to be a environments protector. If Hillary is elected, then she will do good stuff like give animals and bugs human rights. Also she will stop global warming and poverty. What’s not to like about Hillary? That other guy who writes this blog should be ashamed of himself because he doesn’t like a woman for president.

  3. I agree with Lee; this is exactly what they think about folks who oppose Hillary (or BHO, too). There is no room in the liberal mindset for opposing views. If we don’t agree, we must be re-educated until we DO agree. Hillary as president is the end of us. My prayer is for a conservative, God-fearing president in 2016 (if BHO actually relinquishes power, only half kidding)…

    1. Hi! Not yet. I did move to a new house and have things set up now… lol. It’s always something 🙂

  4. “and keying cars”


    Nice one. Seriously though, I don’t see Hill-Dawg getting elected president except for one possibility- that enough of the electorate assumes that Bubba would actually be the “real president” behind the scenes. Bill Clinton’s popularity is higher now than at any time he was president.

    1. I dunno… that business about him visiting Sex-Slave Island might be embarrassing. Plus his track record of hurting every candidate he tries to help. And Hillery is the worst public speaker I have ever heard.

      Then again, after electing and re-electing The Golem, all bets are off.

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