If You Can’t Find a Centaur, Look for a Mermaid


Just so you know the real news still goes on, in spite of all the politics, the town of Kiryat Kam in Israel is still offering a $1 million reward to anyone who can corral the local… mermaid ( http://www.livescience.com/5642-mermaid-sightings-claimed-israel.html ).

Since 2009, various tourists have claimed to see the mermaid swimming in the blue waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. They say she does tricks. But so far no one has been able to claim the reward. Apparently the mermaid is hip to all the techniques of mermaid-fishing.

Hey, if you need a quick million dollars, why not buzz off to Kiryat Kam and try your luck?

Sometimes we fantasy writers are not so sure we’re writing fantasy, after all. People keep saying they see centaurs. And mermaids. They’re not members of the American political establishment, so we can’t assume they’re all just lying.

Can we?

4 comments on “If You Can’t Find a Centaur, Look for a Mermaid

  1. Genetic manipulation isn’t exactly a new thing (Genesis 6), and today the ‘wise scientism experts’ are convinced they can do a better job than God did, so who knows . . .

  2. An example of the power of fantasy. Write about mermaids and centaurs and in time people start believing they have seen them. I thought I saw one of Whit’s kin the other day in my backyard protecting the robin’s nest.

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