Can You See This Video?

I’m having technical prombles today, so let me just try this. If it works, you’ll see a brief video of the angel-winged katydid. Relax and enjoy it!

Katydids are pretty, and they sing a cool song on summer nights. They are also part of God’s stuff, which always works–in contrast to our stuff, which hardly ever does.

6 comments on “Can You See This Video?

  1. Plain and clear. Fascinating video. I recall hearing these creatures when I was a kid in Missouri, but do not recall ever actually having seen them before. Love it.

  2. I’ve seen those before but never knew they were katydids. They’re not just pretty, they’ve got a great name too 😀

  3. Have read What Katy did many times. Now I know what a Kate4did looks like. Thanks. Saw it nice and clear.

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