Is It Real?

Some of the stories I haven’t had time to blog about today:

* Experts say we should be eating bugs (to Save the Planet, of course).

*To make a point about a mythical “campus rape culture,” someone at Temple U. forced the ROTC cadets to march in ladies’ shoes, spray-painted bright red.

*Experts say Global Warming causes cold weather, hot weather, medium weather–and bad breath in dogs, for all I know.

If a Punch and Judy puppet show were real, would it generate headlines like this?



9 comments on “Is It Real?

  1. Oh, yes, I’m sure global warming causes good weather, bad weather, toothache, sore toes, itchy skin; all of it and much more. We just gotta fix that, right? You start, and I’ll follow.

  2. It’s obvious that there are quite a number of people out there that see a much different world than the one I see. A world where eating bugs and marching in high heels makes sense and when everything can be blamed on a boogieman name Climate Change. They are welcome to it, as long as they leave me out of their plans.

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