A Military Disgrace Without a Battle

What would you think if you were an enemy of the United States and you saw American ROTC cadets marching around in ladies’ shoes spray-painted bright red?

This was actually done recently at Temple University, the institution of higher learning that has done more than any other to campaign for pedophilia.

Wishing to be known for more than just preaching that it’s OK for adults to prey sexually on little boys, Temple launched a campaign against “the campus rape culture.” The fact that there is no campus rape culture–in fact, statistically, women are quite safe on college campuses–is seen as no impediment. Besides, those who insist on examining facts have forgotten that wacko feminists have long maintained that all heterosexual sex is rape.

So the ROTC cadets had to march around in public in these ladies’ shoes, like some kind of fairy brigade, it being clearly understood that any cadet who refused, his military career was kaput as of that moment.


It is important to note that this pressure on the cadets to make public spectacles of themselves, for the sake of a narrative that is demonstrably untrue, was applied by the United States Army, B.H. Obama, Proprietor.

Maybe they should have carried purses, too. And learned how to sashay in step.

I know there are people out there who like what is being done to this country–Democrats, mostly. I know there are those who thought it was a good thing, when the boys marched by in ladies’ shoes.

But I’m not one of them.

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