‘Prof Vows to Call 911 Every Day to Report ROTC on Campus’ (2016)

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Remember the associate professor of English at North Dakota University, who called the cops every day to report ROTC cadets drilling on campus? I’ll understand if you’ve blotted her from your mind.

Prof Vows to Call 911 Every Day… to Report ROTC on Campus

Seriously–why in the world would you ever send your son or daughter there, to be “educated” by the likes of her? And pay for it, no less! And what are the students supposed to think when their professor crawls under a desk because she says she’s “terrorized” by the cadets?

Defund the colleges now. Before they ruin us altogether.

Prof Vows to Call 911 Every Day… to Report ROTC on Campus

So you want to send your offspring to a university, do you?

What for?

Hey, here’s an idea–you could send ’em to the University of North Dakota and have ’em major in English. Then they could watch Associate Professor Heidi Czerwiec call the police every single day to report ROTC cadets drilling on the quad ( http://www.mrctv.org/blog/professor-vows-call-911-rotc-drills ).

Well, she has promised to call the cops every day. She used to call the kampus kops, but they had to remind her that ROTC was part of the university and they had no authority to shut it down just because it made her feel terrorized. At once point she even crawled under a desk.

And you wonder why every jihad-spouting punk in the world thinks it would be a piece of cake to conquer America.

Maybe your son or daughter could even sign up for one of the courses Heidi teaches. Her academic specialty is “Body Issues,” which includes “bondage and discipline”–you know, that 50 Shades of Grey stuff where you hurt each other and it’s supposed to turn you on.

Your tuition dollars at work!

Helpful hint: If your university has room on its faculty for anyone like Heidi, and room in its curriculum for the crapola taught by the likes of her, then your university is way too big and is taking in way too much money.

A Military Disgrace Without a Battle

What would you think if you were an enemy of the United States and you saw American ROTC cadets marching around in ladies’ shoes spray-painted bright red?

This was actually done recently at Temple University, the institution of higher learning that has done more than any other to campaign for pedophilia.

Wishing to be known for more than just preaching that it’s OK for adults to prey sexually on little boys, Temple launched a campaign against “the campus rape culture.” The fact that there is no campus rape culture–in fact, statistically, women are quite safe on college campuses–is seen as no impediment. Besides, those who insist on examining facts have forgotten that wacko feminists have long maintained that all heterosexual sex is rape.

So the ROTC cadets had to march around in public in these ladies’ shoes, like some kind of fairy brigade, it being clearly understood that any cadet who refused, his military career was kaput as of that moment.

Army Forces ROTC Cadets to Run in Red High Heels

It is important to note that this pressure on the cadets to make public spectacles of themselves, for the sake of a narrative that is demonstrably untrue, was applied by the United States Army, B.H. Obama, Proprietor.

Maybe they should have carried purses, too. And learned how to sashay in step.

I know there are people out there who like what is being done to this country–Democrats, mostly. I know there are those who thought it was a good thing, when the boys marched by in ladies’ shoes.

But I’m not one of them.

Is It Real?

Some of the stories I haven’t had time to blog about today:

* Experts say we should be eating bugs (to Save the Planet, of course).

*To make a point about a mythical “campus rape culture,” someone at Temple U. forced the ROTC cadets to march in ladies’ shoes, spray-painted bright red.

*Experts say Global Warming causes cold weather, hot weather, medium weather–and bad breath in dogs, for all I know.

If a Punch and Judy puppet show were real, would it generate headlines like this?