The University: Where Young Minds Go to Die

Hey, remember Janet Napolitano–Big Sis, former head of Homeland Security? Well, she’s now president of the University of California, and she’s come out with a big new list of things that no one will be allowed to say in any UCal schools ( ).

The stated goal is to produce “diversity” through enforced uniformity of thought.

For instance, Big Sis opposes what she calls “the myth of meritocracy,” so there will be a taboo against saying “I believe the most qualified person should get the job”–because that’s wrong, that’s bad, and it really means “People of color are given extra unfair benefits because of their race.”

Hmmm… You mean they aren’t? Never? What was Affirmative Action all about, then?

Big Sis has been handing out tracts with titles like “Tools: Recognizing Microaggressions and the Messages They Send.” You remember “microaggression,” right? ( ) It’s virtually anything you say or do or think that some liberal doesn’t think you should be allowed to say or do or think. There is to be no microaggression throughout the UCal chain!

This era of history is an embarrassment. Authority figures, from the lowliest idiot teaching school to the most exalted fat-head in Washington, hand down ridiculous lies and promote crazy policies. They tell lies that even a simpleton should be able to see through (like “Bruce Jenner is now a woman”), and when they get caught lying, they just keep right on lying like nothing happened. If they’re left-wing liars, they know the nooze media will cover for them.

But as for everybody else, down there among the great unwashed…

You miserable peasants don’t even know you’re racists and homophobes and cissexists and whatever, everything that comes out of your mouths is microaggression, so just shut up!

They won’t be satisfied until they’re able to sew our mouths shut.

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  1. I actually met Janet Napolitano some years ago, or was, at the very least, in her immediate presence. I was providing technical support for an event that she was part of, TV coverage, the whole thing. She acted as if the people whom made her little photo op possible were an inconvenience and should be afforded no consideration whatsoever.

    It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that a person of such arrogance vacuousness would presume to tell others what they are allowed to say. I quit visiting California a while back and don’t miss it a bit.

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