Pope Bets His House on ‘Climate Change’

Pope Leo X, whose shenanigans touched off the Protestant Reformation. Pope Francis I has a chance to out-fail him.

With the moral authority of his church still disabled by its world-wide pedophilia scandal, the Red Pope is staking all they have left on one last throw of the dice.

So we’re all waiting for the Red Pope’s encyclical that’s going to make belief in Global Warming a religious issue (hint: it already is) and give a huge lift to the political Left throughout the Western world ( http://www.csmonitor.com/World/2015/0614/Pope-Francis-climate-change-encyclical-seeks-to-transform-debate-video ).

If the dice show craps, the Red Pope could go down in history as the pope who buried the Roman Catholic Church.

Why do I call him the Red Pope?

Because all his life he’s been an advocate and pusher of Big Government, and government as the solution to every human problem.

Nothing, but nothing, can beat Saving the Planet from Climate Change as an excuse to grow the government. As an excuse, in fact, to do anything.

As icing on the cake, one of the Red Pope’s close advisers in 2009 publicly said half the population of the world, like, has got to go. And, to make it even more fun for government types who batten on the human race like ticks, this guy has advised the pope that the world needs an “Earth Constitution” as the supreme source of law–Bible, schmeible–and a “Planetary Court.” ( http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/climate-change-overpopulation-pope/2015/06/14/id/650462/ )

As a general rule of life: When individuals and groups that have repeatedly been caught lying and cheating, propose radical new policies that will fabulously enhance their own wealth and power… don’t believe them!

Don’t ever believe them.

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  1. The Roman Catholic Church has always been liberal in its theology; now they’re turning to liberal politics as well. The conservative catholics are scrambling to line up the Pope’s words with their belief that he is the supreme authority on everything, sitting in the seat of Peter and, ultimately, Jesus Himself.
    I guess that’s what happens when you appoint a Supreme Spiritual Leader. You end up having a tyrannical dictator who thinks he can get away with anything and everything (and basically, he can). The Pope has never been anything other than a dictator, and never will be. This one’s just going against the ‘stated’ political ideals of his own church; but pretty soon his words will be the church’s words. I guess we’ll see then which catholics are *really* conservative, and which ones were only conservative because their church told them to be.

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