Yet Another Outrage

July 4, Independence Day, 2015–we celebrate it by watching our freedom get eaten up by power-crazed politicians, bent churchmen, the Supreme Court from Gomorrah, and anyone else who wants a piece of it.

Especially those whom we laughingly call educators.

Case in point: Seattle public schools have been implanting girls with IUDs (Intrauterine Device) for birth control without the girls’ parents’ knowledge or consent. Some of these kids are in the sixth grade. Get all the facts and figures here ( )

And you send your children to public school because _________?

Of course, it’s only logical. Starting in kindergarten, they teach the children about sex, and then they teach them how to have sex, and the next step has got to be to equip the kiddies for sex. The only thing that remains is to make it compulsory.

But don’t worry–it’s just another one of ten thousand isolated incidents from every state in the Union.

This Fourth of July, you know what worries me?

I fear what’ll happen when we run out of freedoms to sign over to persons who are eager to take them from us. What are they going to do when there are no more liberties left to seize, and they’re still hungry?

6 comments on “Yet Another Outrage

  1. That is truly disturbing. No one wants to see school girls become pregnant. Having children is very serious and requires adult levels of responsibility. I understand, but do not at all support, the rationale behind providing birth control to youngsters and find the notion of bypassing parental consent especially troubling. At the very least, a parent should know about such things for reasons of medical history.

    Sexual immorality has run rampant in the last fifty years. I’ve known even devout Christians that have given in and usually to find that they regretted doing so. There are no shortcuts in life and trying to find satisfaction in a casual encounter is likely to prove a very short-term fix.

    One other aspect of this, which I find very troubling, is the implicit facilitation of sexual activity for girls so young. I can’t imagine a 12 year old girl being able to give informed consent for such a significant act. It doesn’t matter if the coresponding party is close to the same age, children this age are very vulnerable to peer pressure and can be manipulated by people in their age group just as easily as by adults.

    I have met adults whom were sexually active by that age and one of two things are true; some are sexually addicted and in need of continual new thrills or they have grown up hating the fact that they were sexually active at a young age. In many cases, such individuals choose to live celibate lives, finding it easier to live without sex entirely. One woman who had been molested from childhood and then became promiscuous as a teen told me that she never wanted sex again. How sad that someone would be unable to function normally as an adult because of such events in their past.

  2. “What are they going to do when there are no more liberties left to seize, and they’re still hungry?” — Fear not; they’ll find something. If all else fails, they can always prohibit the things they’ve made mandatory and mandate the things they’ve prohibited … and then rinse and repeat. Or they can always find thinner hairs to split and tinier nits to pick, as in suddenly discovering microaggressions when they’ve run out of real offenses. “Progressives” must continue to “progress” or else they die.

    1. “If all else fails, they can always prohibit the things they’ve made mandatory and mandate the things they’ve prohibited.” YES! They’re already working on this in the form of an Article V convention of states, a sovereignty-stealing globalist agenda, supported by all democrats and RINOS, in the Senate and the judiciary and too many of the naive state governments. We must choose our battles. Pedophilia and tyranny are my top to concerns, everything else is a distraction.

    2. Even as “systemic racism” and “white privilege” have replaced real racism.

      The thing that makes progs so scary is that there’s no appeasing them. They are never satiated.

  3. Whatever we’re “going to do” about it we’d better do it while we still have our guns! Fighting tyranny is the reason for our 2nd Amendment. Use it or lose it.

  4. After the push for normalizing transgenders, it looks like bestiality will be next. There are now animal brothels in Europe. There is also a push for lowering the age for sexual consent to 14.
    I’m praying for more justices on the Supreme court like Clarence Thomas.

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