The Real Threat to Our Children

Yes, I know, I ask this question every summer: Where the blazes are the children? It’s a beautiful, sunny day, there’s no school in session–and no sign of any children, anywhere. The playgrounds are deserted. No kids fishing at the pond.

So where are they? Well, obviously they’re all indoors. Why are they indoors?

Mostly because people believe it’s horribly dangerous for kids to be outside, and anyway, “unsupervised play,” once known as “childhood,” is against the law. At least, there have been many news reports of parents jailed–yes, I said jailed–for allowing their children to play outdoors without supervision.

But when you read the laws, you discover that this is not what they actually say. The laws say you can’t leave a child alone in any situation where he might face an imminent threat of harm. If you were to let your two-year-old toddle into Main Street with all the cars whizzing back and forth, you would clearly be guilty of negligence.

Police, government bureaucracies such as “child protective services,” and spiteful neighborhood busybodies interpret such laws very, very loosely, so that virtually any situation involving a child  being a child can be construed as perilous, requiring really tough intervention. Thus an 11-year-old boy shooting baskets for an hour in his own back yard is deemed to be exposed to harrowing danger because his parents weren’t home yet (they got stuck in a traffic jam)–so the cops arrested the parents, threw them into jail, and even strip-searched them, and the boy was separated from his family for a month ( ).

Hot dog.

Of course, there is real danger to our children, a genuine threat: but you won’t find it on suburban playgrounds.

Check out this public school classroom at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, California. The disreputable individual teaching them that “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on  how you feel,” is a “gender coach” ( ). He teaches “gender fluidity,” yatta-yatta. No more male and female, no more boys and girls–that’s that old-fashioned, oppressive, heterosexist “binary gender” stuff.

Public education is a threat to children. That’s where they’re in danger–from the wicked hogwash stuffed into their heads by way-the-hell-out-there teacher unions and crack-brained “education theorists.”

There’s no need for the pedophiles to be lurking behind the bushes next to the swing set.

Not when they can get jobs in sex education.

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  1. Apparently, CPS would also be very upset to see children working in a garden. That really is one of the most wonderful places to play! And, really, it is (usually) much safer than the iphone. Tomato hornworms only very, very rarely bite, after all, and when they do, it is quite negligible, less painful than a skinned up knee……

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