The Books That THEY Don’t Want You to Read!

Didja ever notice how Big Fanta, or Big Fantasy, tries to keep you from reading books by little guys like me?

They don’t want you reading any of my Bell Mountain books (just click “books” at the top of the page, to see them). Why not? Because They are They, that’s why. They’re the same They who want to stop you buying a decent pillow, who try to stop you from investing your money in certain sure-fire schemes that are just bound to work.

Big Fanta keeps Bell Mountain down because They don’t want you reading anything but what They think you should read…

[And here I have to stop, because I’m still not sure I’ve captured the exact tone of this genre of commercial. It must be successful, or you wouldn’t hear and read so many of them. I will have to keep working at it. So far, I’m afraid most people just don’t respond to the Big Fanta boogieman.]

3 comments on “The Books That THEY Don’t Want You to Read!

  1. I’m just starting to go through my ‘unread’ folder trying to catch up, but I fear it’s a daunting task. In fact, one could call it fantasy lol.

    When I first began reading this article, I wondered just who in the world ‘Big Fanta’ was – that is, until I realized it was your spoofy nature coming out to play. I will say, though, there really is a ‘They’ out there and we never know when They might strike. 🙂

    1. Funny you chose ants. I always wondered why Tolkien decided to call the talking trees ‘ents’. That would’ve been a good name for giant ants 🙂

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