In Case Hillery Cant Be Presedent

My prefesser he let me out of collidge today jist so I coud do this blog, that other guy he aint here.

We are all uppset becose the vast rihjtwing conspricy trying to put Hillery in jail. Whot is al this stuff about her emale server and whattever? Like who cares? They say she sold classafide infomation to forrin countries jist for money. Well so whatt?? What she suposed to do, give it away?

My prefesser he says we got to be reedy to elect somone else in case Hillery dont make it, wich wuld be a tradegy. Ther are so many goood ones out ther its hard to make up yuor mind. Gore and Kerry and Byden and Rosy Odonnel.

But the one I lik best is Elizzabeth Waren. She is a women and it is time we had a wimman presedent. She is also directly distended from Pokemon. Now they tel me its not Pokemon but Pokerhauntus becose they didnt have no video games in them days. I dont know, Pokemon is a old game, they miht of had it then. But anyhow Elizzabeth Waren is not just a wyman, she also is a Naitive American, thy called them Injuns in thos days.

This prode distendant of Pokemon was the first to say You Dint Build That, and now everbody who is a interllectural we al say that. Its too bad Presedent Obomma cant jist keeep on being presedent, but he can onlye have three terms so now it got to be someon else. Elizzabeth Waren she wil be jost great!!!

Well now I got to get back to collidge and studdy for the next Gender Studies quizz. I got exter credit for goin by a churtch and leting air out of them peple’s tires, but I stil need to get at leste a D on this here quiz. Yuo cant be a interllectural if you going to flunk al yuor corses.

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  1. Wow, you’re getting more and more incoherent, Mr. Hacker; I guess your education is working the way your ‘prefessor’ planned for it to. Unfortunately, it won’t actually help you in real life 🙂

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