‘Dumbing Down Princeton’ (2020)

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When they started shutting all the schools down in homage to King COVID, the Princeton University (P.U., P.U., we’re all for you!) stoodint noozepaper came up with a truly radical idea that’s only as old as the hills–

Dump the grading system and go to “pass/fail”!

Dumbing Down Princeton

“Hire me! I passed college!” Wow. Anything from an A+ to a D-… hot dog. Then again, what are the grades worth anymore? “I got a B+ in Polish Transgender Transactional Funambulist Studies!” Yeah, okay, you can be an air traffic controller.

Why do we still have colleges and universities?

Answer the question convincingly and win the Gold Mask of Tutankhamen.

Mor Monny for dyvercity!!!!

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Wow! We just hered that Kornel Unavercity thay going To “spend” Sixtie Millon Dolors to “get” more Dyvercity!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11354) and that Is “a”lot of monny!!!

Us stodents hear at Our Collidge we whant to spend “even mor” Than that!! becose Dyvercity it is Impotant!! Thare “isnt” nothin mor Impotant then Dyvercity and only wen yiu “has” True and Puer Dyvercity is wen yiu Can finely “get ridd”Of al them Conserfatives and Christins so thare is No mor of Themb on Campas!!!

Some Hater and Biggit he sayed “wear did Kornel get $$60 Millin Dolors for Dyvercity??” Wel he is so stopid i Cant fined wherds for “it”!! It dont mater Wear thay “get The” monny! and it Is hat speach jist to Ask that thare stopid Quistoin!!!! So a buntch of Us we beet him “up” for not being Dyvercity enuohgh!!! Yiu has to get ridd “of” evry boddy whoo got The rong Opinoin and only then yiu has reel Dyvercity!!!!

So i dont “know” wear thay got “The” $$$Sixty Myllyon Dolors and i dont Care!!! i gess thay jist founed it,, heck somtimes I finded monny in facked jist the utther Day “i” founed a quorter in “the” Praking Lot behined Trotsky Haul! and if yiu fined lots And lots of quorters and aslo dymes and nichols it Al Ads Up to $$$$6i0 millun dolors or may be evin mor!!!!!

Some utther Biggit Hater Racist he sayed is “This waht we payin al that Tution four??” and we beet Him Up two. Some “day” theze hear Biggits thay wil lurn that Reel Dyvercity it meens thay got “to” Shut UP!!!

NJ ‘University’ to Offer ‘Cannabis Studies’

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“Stockton University” in New Jersey–it used to be a community college, but now every academic halfway house is a “university”–is going to offer, this fall semester, a minor in “Cannabis Studies” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11289).

For a mere $5,100 if you’re an in-state student, or $9,200 if you’re from out of state, you can sit around and talk pot to your heart’s content. How intellectually stimulating! The school makes a point of declaring that offering the course is “not an endorsement” to be stoned all the time. So we don’t have to worry about that, do we?

What are we to make of someone who has five or nine thousand bucks to throw away on “Cannabis Studies”? Not that it’s any more a waste of time than all the other “studies” cluttering up our colleges. Gender Superhero Cissexual Surfing Studies: stuff like that. At this point you can’t even get a degree in Cannabis Studies–but what do you want to bet a degree program will become available, once they figure out how much they can charge for it?

Too many colleges, too many people in ’em, too much money going down the rabbit-hole…

Defund the looniversities now.

How Collidge Wastes Your Money

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You’re not going to believe this.

According to a report by The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, professors who “teach” bulls*** courses like Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, Jump in a Lake Studies, etc…. make $15,000 a year more in salaries than professors who teach real subjects like math and science (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11213). That was for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Well, hey, Kansas State is advertising for a Women’s Studies chairbiped–and offering a salary of $140,000. Crapola been very, very good to me!

Even if you’re not shelling out big bucks to send your offspring to one of these institutions of tommyrot, you’re still paying your taxes, aren’t you? Your taxes help to pay those salaries, to say nothing to the lavish pension packages. Your tax money that you worked for is paying for this burlesque, this parody, this mockery of “education.”

And if your son or daughter is “learning” it, he or she will come out of college totally unemployable–and with, on the average, $150,000 in student debt. That’s a lot of hours selling slurpees at the 7-11.

Even More Incredible: ‘Have Sex with the Earth’

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[Warning: This news item is not only ridiculous, but also rather filthy. I report it because it’s necessary to know what those on the dark side are up to.]

I heard this on the radio today and didn’t believe it. But it’s true.

The head of the art department at UC Santa Cruz–here we are again in “higher education”–who describes herself as “ecosexual,” says people should “have sex with the Earth” to, well, Save the Planet. (https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/36330/) Let one quote from this professor suffice: she claims to be able to teach you how to “climax with the planetary clitoris.”

How much do you suppose she gets paid for this? Oh, the tuition dollars! Talk about getting your money’s worth of “education”!

Is there any sane reason at all for these colleges and universities to continue to exist? Is there even any silly reason to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars to send your sons and daughters there?

I just can’t wait to hear those reasons.

Washington State: White Students ‘Must Defer to Minorities’

The new season in higher education got off to a roaring start this weekend, when it was revealed that some of the profs at Washington State University threatened white students with failure unless they embraced left-wing stupid ideas and constantly “deferred to minorities” ( http://dailycaller.com/2015/08/31/taxpayer-funded-professors-censor-words-female-illegal-alien-and-make-white-students-defer/ ).

T’other day, the university announced it was going to “amend” this situation. Are they to be let off as easily as that? You can’t pass a course unless you say you oppose any attempts to curb illegal immigration? Parents are paying how much money in tuition to have their children subjected to this? More fool they.


Ha, ha, he had to go out so I come in and take over this blogg.

Boy what a big dop he is. Of coarse white studints shuld oahgt to defer to minorites. Yuo see evry interllectural knows that. Thats what makes collidge higher eddication.

So of coarse yiu shuld haveto beleave in anmesty and Globbal Warming if yuo wanto pass a corse. And of coarse yuo shuldnt be a lowed to say words like “mail’ and “feemail’ becuse that is Transphobic.

My prefesser he says whit peple are no good, exept unles they interllecturals like us, and whit peple shuld alyaws do what a minorite tells them to do, all the time. I asked dose that mean I got to try hardder to be gay? And he sad this pro-found thing, “A Interllectural is the best minorite and we can do anythingg we want.” I asked is a gay interllectural beter than a interllectural whose not gay but he dint anser me, he jist kicked me in the shin fer askin a dumm questoin.

Anhow thats what collidge is for, to fudnamenterly trandsform our cuontry and we wuld be doing it faster if stopid dops wuld stop complaning aboot how we do it. Like, no wonnder nobody Likes this stopid blogg, onlhy if you gettin money from the Kotch Brothers is you agree with this blogg.

I hop Washinton State say drop dead to evrybody complaning about perfecly resonible rules to show thos no good whit studints whose boss.