How to Get Rid of Maggots

I’ve become a popular guy around here, with my sure-fire method for banishing maggots from your garbage cans.

Mr. Nature here–and yes, it’s a disagreeable subject, we needn’t dwell on it: but not to worry. Here’s how you can get rid of maggots all summer long, easy as pie.

Simply take a can of Comet cleanser (other brands might work as well, but I always use Comet) and sprinkle some on the bottom of the garbage can and around the sides. When you throw out your first new bag of trash, sprinkle some Comet on that, too. And keep the lid on the can.

In the hot summer weather, the Comet will give off a weak chlorine gas that’ll kill the maggots and keep the flies from getting in to lay more eggs. Repeat as needed, depending on the severity of your maggot problem.

Comet is cheap and it will wipe out the maggots. Trust me on that.

11 comments on “How to Get Rid of Maggots

  1. I guess that there are, occasionally, easy, inexpensive solutions to some of life’s problems.

    In the meantime, Global Warming has given us a freeze warning at the end of April. I normally quit heating in March and this year was no exception, but it’s actually cold out there today.

    1. Six inches of snow in Denver yesterday, and 20 Global Warming degrees on the thermometer–ain’t settled science wonderful?

    2. Yep. It’s good to know that there are self proclaimed experts just waiting to help us with forecasting climate and using the PC pronouns too. 🙂

    3. Heads up, New Jersey. We’re sending you thunderstorms and flash flood warnings from Ohio. And I turned my heat back on yesterday.

    1. A perimeter line around all schools would be a great idea! Homeschooling would be comet-free zones 🙂

  2. Thank you for the hint. If anyone has an ant problem, here is the answer to that. Take an empty spray bottle mix water and table salt (pretty strong) and spray everywhere you have seen them, like cracks in sidewalks, or anywhere. It kills the ones you see and the residue discourages newcomers. Have to do it several times during ant season.

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