Chowderhead Quote of the Week

In an age of teeming idiocy, it’s hard to say or do anything that really makes you stand out as a jackass among jackasses. But comedian Sarah Silverman has done it, with these few words (drum roll, please):

“You have to listen to the college-aged, because they lead the revolution. They’re pretty much always on the right side of history.” ( )

Or, as Shakespeare put it in Act I of Julius Caesar, “You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!”

***[Service momentarily interrupted]***

Well, there! What did I tel you? Us peple who in collidge we leaders of the revoltion! And aslo we alyaws on the rihgt side of histry! And now you heared it from Sara Silver Man hersself, and she’s a wimmim!

Boy that stopid guy who blogs hear, whut dose he know? He aint in collidge anymor. He aint on the righjt side of histry no more. My prefesser he says us milennails am not just goin to lede the revoltion–we are the revoltion! And he teached us this thing we can say, like they used to say whin he was a studint…

Power to the peple! Rihgt on!

***[Normal service resumed]***

The 1960s are like Dracula. No matter how many times you drive a stake through his heart, he always comes back in the next movie.

Helpful sociological hint: America has way too many colleges and universities with way too many people in them.

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  1. NYU students were asked what they thought about Trump’s first State of the Union speech before it has even been given. Many readily commented on it, like what a racist he is, how immature he is, and what a failure in life, etc., etc,. etc. Revolutionaries in the making! They’re probably the only people in America that actually watched last night’s Grammy Awards.

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