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‘The Chowderhead Quote of the Week’ (2015)

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He’s on the right side of history!

Why choose between wickedness and folly as the foundation for your whole society, when you can have both?


Comedian Sarah Silverman says we should always follow “the college-aged” because they’re always “on the right side of history.” Have you noticed that the people who really like to use that phrase never know any history at all? Their ignorance, carefully cultivated by the public schools, is truly profound.

Anyway, that’s the folly part. The wickedness is supplied by many sources.

The Loving Left: She Mocks Aborted Babies

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Goya saw this coming, and painted it…

Leftid comic genius Sarah Silverman wowed ’em on TV a few nights ago by saying, “If anything has ever made me want to eat an aborted fetus, it’s this law” (https://ijr.com/the-declaration/2018/02/1061687-sarah-silverman-goes-off-deep-end-says-new-pro-life-law-makes-her-want-to-eat-aborted-fetus/), referring to a 2012 law that bans the use of aborted baby parts as food or drink ingredients.

You don’t have to be Dante (or Goya) to be able to imagine what she’ll be doing in the afterlife.

The, uh, comic also took aim at another law requiring cremation of aborted babies, instead of just chucking them in a bin. Revel in her sage commentary: “F___ing funerals for f___ing aborted fetuses?” She went on to mock the size and undeveloped intellectual capabilities of a fetus. The pot calling the kettle black.

She wrapped it up with this: “Religious freedom used to be such a beautiful thing… and now it’s just this shroud to legalize hate and s___ like that.” Didn’t Spinoza say that once?

Isn’t it just wonderful, the way entertainment (cough, cough!) celebrities know all there is to know about everything? Such fine and delicate sentiment! Such crisp and scintillating wit!

Well, I keep telling you there’s no one as anti-human as a humanist. And leftids are the biggest hate merchants around.


Chowderhead Quote of the Week

In an age of teeming idiocy, it’s hard to say or do anything that really makes you stand out as a jackass among jackasses. But comedian Sarah Silverman has done it, with these few words (drum roll, please):

“You have to listen to the college-aged, because they lead the revolution. They’re pretty much always on the right side of history.” ( http://www.mediaite.com/online/sarah-silverman-comedians-should-change-with-the-times-for-pc-college-students/ )

Or, as Shakespeare put it in Act I of Julius Caesar, “You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!”

***[Service momentarily interrupted]***

Well, there! What did I tel you? Us peple who in collidge we leaders of the revoltion! And aslo we alyaws on the rihgt side of histry! And now you heared it from Sara Silver Man hersself, and she’s a wimmim!

Boy that stopid guy who blogs hear, whut dose he know? He aint in collidge anymor. He aint on the righjt side of histry no more. My prefesser he says us milennails am not just goin to lede the revoltion–we are the revoltion! And he teached us this thing we can say, like they used to say whin he was a studint…

Power to the peple! Rihgt on!

***[Normal service resumed]***

The 1960s are like Dracula. No matter how many times you drive a stake through his heart, he always comes back in the next movie.

Helpful sociological hint: America has way too many colleges and universities with way too many people in them.

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