Global warming Gang Asks Obama to Prosecute Skeptics

So how does science get settled, these days? We are told that science is the absolute authority, the sole proprietor of Truth. But how is it decided what Truth is?

Why, that’s easy. Whoever holds the keys to the jailhouse holds the keys to Science. The way to win any scientific debate is by making threats of violence. And it goes way beyond “Shut up or I’ll punch ya in the nose!”

What, you don’t believe that? But a group of 20 prominent “climate scientists” have asked President *Batteries Not Included–a lawless man, if ever there was one–to have “deniers” prosecuted under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations), a statute created to control organized crime ( ).

See, not agreeing with them about Global Warming means you must be part of a criminal conspiracy, and you must be thrown in jail so that Big Government can get on with its mission to become even bigger, with government-approved “scientists” as its infallible advisers and oracles. If you question or disbelieve their claim that Man-Made Global Warming gonna burn up the world and we all gonna die, unless we give gigantic new powers to a government already grown colossal in its arrogance and its pretensions, you are an Enemy of the People. You are trying to stop our all-wise, all-powerful scientists and politicians from Saving the Planet.

You must be jailed.

That’s how science gets settled. In this lawless age, science must be lawless, too.

6 comments on “Global warming Gang Asks Obama to Prosecute Skeptics

  1. The Global Warming crowd remind me of old King Canute. He was so power-drunk he placed his throne at the edge of the sea, and commanded the ocean to come no further onto the land. And he damned near drowned.

    Ray Miller

    1. Actually, Canute did that to demonstrate to his nobles that his power was limited: that he was not as God. (They were demanding rather grand things of him.)

    1. Human governments, distributing equality and good for all, no matter how many lives are lost in the process. Amen, come QUICKLY Lord Jesus.

  2. “In this lawless age, science must be lawless, too” – how ironic when true Science is based on laws that can be demonstrated.
    Rumor has it Al Gore is considering a run for the Presidency to save the planet. What a hoot if he does along with Bernie,Fauxcahontas, Hillary, and maybe Chuck Schumer.

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