How Ben Carson Got Me Throwed Out of My House

I am in big troubble now and its al becuse of that nogood Ben Carson. I had to go hom to my famly this week end and I seen they had Ben Carson bumper stickers on there cars. So I tole mom and pop they stopid for likin him, “Dont yuo know he hates Muslems and is a hater, he dont want no Muslem Presdint?”

And they got mad so I tole them i am a interllectural so they shuld listin to me, I am much smarter then them, i been to collidge and goin to get a Degree in Gender Studies, and they just ordrinary dum peple who ouhgt to pay atension to us interllecturals and do what we tell them. And my pop he got mader and he said well that does it! i am not goin to pay for any more collidge, i been payin al these years and now yuo are 26 and yure a bigger fat head than you was in heigh school. And my mom she said “Yiu get out of this hose and dont come back, not ever.” And I just said well thats what hapens when yuo listin to Ben Carson, yiu get to be as stopid as he is.

So now i got no home and no more tution mony, but my prefesser he says I can live in his tool shed for a wile. But how am i goin to pay for the rest of my collidge? I mean, like, its my hole future in Gender Studies!!

And to make it worse my folks they go around with them fake glases with the big noses and mustashes so no one will reckonize them. That is what hapens when you are a interllectural. All them ordrinary dum peple theyr just jellous.

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  1. Ahahahaha! Good for your parents. It’s about time someone told you ‘no’. I hope you have to sleep on a pitchfork in your professor’s shed 😀

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