Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe

As you can see by these book covers, Edgar Rice Burroughs didn’t need to wait for NASA to tell him all about life on Mars.

To hear the noozies and the left-wing “comics” tell it, liquid water has been found on Mars, you bet, absolutely, no doubt about it, and that just proves once again that Science and Liberals are always right about everything. And so on.

What has actually been found is indications or evidence that liquid water sometimes exists on the surface of Mars, probably in some form (containing certain minerals or chemicals, for instance) that would allow it to remain liquid at much lower temperatures than water can remain liquid here on Earth ( ).

Please note all the qualifiers, in italics. What it boils down to is there might be liquid water on Mars, sometimes, when conditions permit.

But of course people are already making the jump from that to the you-know-it’s-gotta-happen-soon discovery, on Mars, of living microbes and fossils of more complex creatures–which, to the humanist mind, proves that God did not create life on Earth, the Bible is wrong about everything, and it’s okay for us to be fornicating bastards.

If any trace of life is ever found on Mars, it is guaranteed to be presented to us–by noozies, academics, comedians, and Democrat politicians–as proof that God does not exist.

Liberals don’t like the idea of a Power higher than that of the omnivorous State. And they really, really don’t like the idea of any kind of Judgment after death.

So their humanist religion rejects those concepts.

And demands that life be found throughout the universe, erasing the uniqueness of Earth.

The universe is God’s, and He can create life wherever He pleases. The Bible is concerned with human life on Earth, how we should live it, and how we should come to know, love, and obey God. There is no reason for the subject of life on other planets to come up in the Bible.

It would be cool if life were found on Mars. I’d love to see the fossils. And I would know that, living or extinct, there could only be life on Mars if God had created it there.

8 comments on “Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe

  1. I’d love it if they encountered a Martian race that happened to be basically theistic, Republican and capitalist. There would never be another word about Mars in the media, ever. Science books wouldn’t mention it anymore. They’d probably blow Mars up in secret, too.

    1. Nah, they would just deny that Mars existed. Wow, can you imagine what would happen if some spacecraft took a picture of a standing cross on Mars? You’d see some of these people levitating, with their heads spinning 360 degrees.
      Worth hoping for.

  2. They definitely have a lot of wishful thinking in their speculations but it all misses the point. If there is life on Mars, or anywhere else, that doesn’t disprove God. The Bible never addresses the subject.

    As you mention, the Bible is the saga of the earth, and doesn’t concern itself with the rest of the cosmos to any appreciable degree, except to say that everything was made by the One True God. The Bible teaches that there is life in the spirit realm, but we have very little information about that life or the realm itself.

    It is my personal opinion that there is not human (created in God’s image) life on other planets, but that’s just an opinion. Assuming, for the moment, that I am correct in this assumption, that still leaves room for non-human life on other planets. If they discovered a planet filled with animal life, that wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  3. Scientists like to amaze us with how big the known universe is with its billions of galaxies like they are really something for knowing this. The Bible tells us God has named every single star – take that Mr. Scientist!

    I looked for “A Princess of Mars” in our city library but they didn’t have it. So I checked out “Pirates of Mars” by Burroughs and read it instead. Wow, what an imagination he had. I didn’t particularly like the book, and I really didn’t like the ending. But I did read at Brainy Quote that Burroughs said, “Imagination is but another name for super intelligence.” I like that – made me think of Lee Duigon.

    1. Pirates of Mars? Are you sure it wasn’t Pirates of Venus? The Mars books are very much better than the Venus books.

      But thanks for the compliment!

  4. When they find enough to take a bath in – without qualifiers and italics – they can let me know 🙂

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