‘Humanist Religion (1): The Humanists’ God’ (2015)

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I don’t think it’s possible to understand anything that’s happening these days without understanding that humanism is a religion whose adherents seek to impose it on the world.


Nowhere is this laid out more clearly than in the Humanist Manifesto II. There is a Humanist Manifesto III, but it takes pains to say it does not supersede Manifest No. 2.

Question: Why is it that every pack of howling idiots has a “manifesto”?

‘97% of Scientists Say…’ (2015)

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If Christians defended Christianity with the same fervor that humanists defend “science,” it would scare the dickens out of everybody.


The origins of that “97% of scientists” figure are lost in the depths of time. There is a 97% likelihood that some liberal just made it up.

The Religion of Our ‘Universities’

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Let me say this (in love, I hope): for a Christian to send himself or his offspring to any one of most of our “universities” to acquire what they cynically call an education is a very foolish thing to do.

What you’ll acquire there–if you acquire anything at all, and are not left merely empty-handed–is an education into an alien and false religion–and a thumping great bill for it, too.

Consider, as just one example among very many, the University of North Carolina, and its “guidebook” listing a mind-numbingly vast number of “microaggressions” for students to avoid ( http://dailycaller.com/2016/06/25/university-of-north-carolina-christmas-vacation-is-a-microagression-now/ ). In addition to a host of ordinary, everyday, inoffensive actions and sayings, it warns students off paying any homage to Christian holidays.

They only do this because they’re hostile to the Christian faith and do everything in their power to get you to abandon it.

Ask these “educators” what they themselves worship, and you’ll never get an answer that makes any sense. An honest answer, if they were ever capable of honesty, would be, “Why, we worship our glorious and wonderful selves!” Which is too ridiculous even for them to say out loud, and so what they do is bow down to idols–Science, the state, and their “progressive” political ideology–which are extensions of themselves.

They also appear to worship something that may be personified as a Goddess of Failure. Libs ‘n’ progs aren’t interested in any public policy unless it promises a bumper crop of waste, shame, and futility–the more, the better. If they could find a system offering any more abject failure and cruelty than communism, they wouldn’t be Marxists anymore.

Hey, it’s your time, your money: your mind, your character, your soul. No one can stop you from pitching it all into a tar-pit.

But it’s quite a sad thing, to watch you do it.

TV Treat: Dueling Paganisms

Patty and I have been enjoying Primeval, a popular British TV series featuring prehistoric monsters invading our modern world through “anomalies in time,” whatevuh they may be. It was created by Tim Haines, which is what attracted us to it. We love Haines’ trilogy of prehistoric life: Walking With Dinosaurs, Walking With Beasts, and Walking With Monsters. We dismiss the Darwinian fairy tales and groove on the special effects.

No one, not even the makers of the Jurassic Park movies, tops Haines when it comes to re-creating prehistoric critters. These look real! My favorite is the Gorgonopsian (see video clip), a saber-toothed predatory reptile structured more like a mammal and, it would seem, incredibly dangerous.

Okay, Primeval is not King Lear. Don’t go looking for depth of character here, or a lot of logical consistency. Enjoy watching the critters.

But I have also enjoyed the series’ theme of two competing versions of humanistic paganism.

In this corner we have Nick, the good guy, who views Evolution as a sovereign force and is dead-set against trying to tamper with it. To Nick, all good things about the world are the result of blind chance.

Over here, in the black tights, we have Helen (Nick’s estranged wife), who wants to control Evolution and change the outcome of history.

Nick’s god is Chance. Helen worships a pristine Earth Goddess devoid of human beings. Both visions are as far from Christ as it is possible to be. If you are easily influenced by what you watch on TV, it might be a good idea for you to steer clear of Primeval.

But if you’re interested in what makes God-less people tick, if you want to try to understand where they’re coming from, and how they manage to do such a bang-up job of screwing up our civilization–well, then, these shows may prove enlightening. I must admit to a experiencing a kind of sardonic amusement, watching pagans blunder around inside their ideological hall of mirrors, unable to get out.

Anyhow, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to spy out the enemy and try to analyze his plans, his outlook on reality–or, as the case may be, unreality.

We are spying out the Promised Land, to win ground for Christ’s Kingdom; and we can’t do it with our eyes closed.

Live For Ever With Frozen Brane!

Ha, ha, that guy went out. So i am hear insted.

My prefesser he mad me reade this news story ( http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/life/630902/company-bring-dead-back-to-life-with-brain-preserving ) al abuot how they can freze yore brane and make yiu live for ever! Thay figger thay can do it in thrity years from now, and thay wil be abble to mak you live to be 500! And that shuld shut them christins up but goood! Yah, hah, See, you stopid christins! Sceince wil give inmortallity!

Dont “yiu” see wear this is going??? my prefesser he says. “Iffn we onely frezes the branes of interllecturals lik us, and no branes of ordrinary dum peple, and then we dosnt let no one have a babby, then the ordrinary dum peple thay wil al dye out and thar wil be noboddy but us smart interllecturals left says” he. And then som repulbican who snucked into the leckture he sayed what abuot “socaled interllecturals who” already “got there branes frozen” and “it” didnt do them no good?

So we beet him up becose whatt he sayed, it was aginst Diversity.

Later we was lookin araond for somboddy’s brane to put in the freezer so we culd tak it out like 30 yeares later and then we put it in a bionic boddy and iff yiu do that over and over again that person wil live for ever!! My prefesser he sayed How “abuot we use yore brane?” But i sayed “No that wuld not be goood becuse i not finished yet gettin my Degre in Gender Studies” and this exspearmint with moth hormones it not over yet ether and my prefesser he jist hit me and he caled me a Sissy!

Yiu “has” hurted my feelers!” i sayed and then he sayed he was sory and he give me a nice hankerchiff to ete with my lunch so i gess I wil not bring no charges aginst him and Later he caled me smart so thats O K now.

‘Abortion is a Sacrament,’ Libs Say

Old-time pagans sacrificed babies to their idol, Moloch. I’ll bet they had public funding for it, too.

Why can’t we get Planned Parenthood defunded? Why, after the whole world has seen PP honchos on videotape wheeling and dealing in baby parts–some of them “harvested” with the baby still alive–can’t we get Congress to stop giving them half a billion dollars of our tax money every year?

I’ll tell you why: because it’s a religious issue.

Because, to feminists and other libs and progs, abortion is a sacrament.

Don’t believe me? But Democrats and the rest of the Loving Left have been saying this for years. Here’s a bit from 1998:

“The lights were low, and Native American flute music played softly. A counselor held the woman’s hand, whispering words of comfort as she began to surface from a guided meditation. Then the doctor showed the woman a covered silver bowl that held the tiny remains [that is, her baby] of her six-week pregnancy. ‘We ask your blessing, in the name of love…'” ( http://www.forerunner.com/champion/X0002_Abortion_Sacrament.html )

Barf bag, please.

Here’s a more recent example, from 2014:

“I now consider abortion to be a major blessing, and to be a sacrament in the hands of women…” ( http://www.lifenews.com/2014/12/26/abortionist-calls-abortion-a-sacrament-and-a-blessing/ ).

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

This fallen world has long been cursed with premeditated murder performed as human sacrifice–a sacrament of a false and wicked pseudo-church.

Secular humanism apes real religion. It has its holy scriptures–Marx, Darwin, Freud, John Lennon–and its priesthood of politicians, scientists, public school teachers, and interllecturals. It has sensitivity training as a form of confession. It has its own End Times scenario, Global Warming.

And it has abortion.

We can’t pry the money out of their hands because abortion is sacred to them.

But I think we’d better try a lot harder.

Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe

As you can see by these book covers, Edgar Rice Burroughs didn’t need to wait for NASA to tell him all about life on Mars.

To hear the noozies and the left-wing “comics” tell it, liquid water has been found on Mars, you bet, absolutely, no doubt about it, and that just proves once again that Science and Liberals are always right about everything. And so on.

What has actually been found is indications or evidence that liquid water sometimes exists on the surface of Mars, probably in some form (containing certain minerals or chemicals, for instance) that would allow it to remain liquid at much lower temperatures than water can remain liquid here on Earth ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/liquid-water-mars_5608c70be4b0768126fdfd44 ).

Please note all the qualifiers, in italics. What it boils down to is there might be liquid water on Mars, sometimes, when conditions permit.

But of course people are already making the jump from that to the you-know-it’s-gotta-happen-soon discovery, on Mars, of living microbes and fossils of more complex creatures–which, to the humanist mind, proves that God did not create life on Earth, the Bible is wrong about everything, and it’s okay for us to be fornicating bastards.

If any trace of life is ever found on Mars, it is guaranteed to be presented to us–by noozies, academics, comedians, and Democrat politicians–as proof that God does not exist.

Liberals don’t like the idea of a Power higher than that of the omnivorous State. And they really, really don’t like the idea of any kind of Judgment after death.

So their humanist religion rejects those concepts.

And demands that life be found throughout the universe, erasing the uniqueness of Earth.

The universe is God’s, and He can create life wherever He pleases. The Bible is concerned with human life on Earth, how we should live it, and how we should come to know, love, and obey God. There is no reason for the subject of life on other planets to come up in the Bible.

It would be cool if life were found on Mars. I’d love to see the fossils. And I would know that, living or extinct, there could only be life on Mars if God had created it there.

‘97% of Scientists Say…’

I had a hard time at the YMCA yesterday: a debate, as it were, on the subject of Global Warming, featuring me vs. everybody else in the locker room.

If I heard it once yesterday, I heard it 50 times: “But 97% of scientists believe in Global Warming!” That makes it true, of course.

You can’t get through. The 97% is carved in stone. You can poke holes in it till you’re blue in the face, and nothing happens. What about the hundreds of scientists who don’t believe in Global Warming, and have said so publicly? Did they ask all scientists, or just the ones who’d be sure to give them the answer that they wanted? And who, by the way, did the asking? And how did they decide who is a “scientist”?

All my opponents need to know is “Science says.” That makes it infallible. That the scientists themselves are all fallible human beings, born into sin, and that their science is strained through a filter of incomplete and often inaccurate information, wishful thinking, prejudice, fear, and desire for advancement is completely irrelevant to them. You just can’t get through.

Is this not idolatry? Science is the work of human minds, and human hands. To worship it is to worship human beings. And we laugh at the ancient Egyptians for worshiping animals.

And they try to convince us that humanism is not a religion.

Humanist Religion (2): Enthroning the Bizarre


Tear down everything that’s timeless, natural, traditional, and Christian, and replace it with everything that’s opposite–that’s the humanist religion.

Because man can’t be God until he gets rid of everything that comes from God.

Impossible as it is to imagine a less deserving object of worship, humanists labor to put themselves on God’s throne. This explains their fanatical enthusiasm for all things “transgender.”

And so they demand that we, the 99% of humanity who aren’t secular humanist mutants, from now on curry favor with self-made “trans” mutants by using brand-new pronouns–or else, of course, we are guilty of Hate and Discrimination and the greatest crime of all, Not Obeying Elitist Schmucks. Political Correctness now demands we say “ze” for he or she, “zir” for his or her, and “yo” for you or any other pronoun we might need ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lauren-hennessy/pronouns-and-cons_b_3114499.html ).

As the “trans male”–in plain English, and in fact, a woman–“actress” wrote for the Huffington Post (see above), “I began to feel entitled”–entitled!–“to acknowledgement of the fact”–it is not a fact: it is a delusion–“that I’m a man.” No, you are not. This addled female insists that forcing regular people to use the new pronouns invented by kooks is part of an “extremely important battle for respect of diverse gender identities.”

What makes God God? He creates and defines reality. In order for man to be God, he must create and define his own reality.

This effort usually takes forms which are both grotesque and asinine.

Pray unceasingly for the quick passing of this age.