Sports Car Goes Berserk, Kills People

So what’s wrong with this Associated Press news copy? ( )

First the headline: “Porsche in Malta motor show loses control after clipping grass, injures 26 people in crowd.”

And then this: “Eyewitnesses said the Porsche Spyder supercar was driving at high speed…”

As an afterthought, the story mentions that “the driver” was also injured.

Oh! The car had a driver, did it? And yet it still managed to lose control and go speeding? You naughty little car, you! The poor driver was just along for the ride.

Sounds like a load of bilge, doesn’t it?

Well, if guns can just take it upon themselves to indulge in shooting sprees, maybe cars can decide to play kamikaze.

What does your car get up to when you aren’t looking?

8 comments on “Sports Car Goes Berserk, Kills People

  1. Sheesh! I have a deranged killer parked in my driveway and I didn’t even know it. 🙂

    Reading the account, it sounds as if someone did some poor planning. If the crowd was close enough to the crowd that the car could run into them, someone wasn’t thinking. I’ve flown airplanes but hate airshows for that very same reason; they are unsafe. Airports are made for airplanes and it’s not a good idea to get to close to aircraft which are being operated. Driving a sports car at high speed in the same environment is not any more safe for spectators than an air show.

    Driving a sports roadster is a daily part of my life. It’s not a Porsche Spyder, or in that performance class, but it’s fast enough to get into trouble, but only if I choose to drive it irresponsibly. I drive it carefully and am not given to speeding, but I sure enjoy putting the top down when the weather allows. It does corner superbly and is fun to drive, but the car is basically docile and friendly. The AP should learn not to blame the car for the driver’s mishandling.

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