‘P.S.–It’s Worse Than I Thought’ (2015)

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No education system in world history has been as costly as hours, has employed (and given lavish pensions to) as many people–or failed so abysmally.

Here’s some more evidence of it.

P.S.–It’s Worse Than I Thought

And it’s not just the schools. Our churches aren’t exactly burning up the track, either. Praying to “the universe”? Shame, shame! Trying to cast spells? Like, people can’t tell the difference between real life and Harry Potter?

But then how else do you explain the viability of the Democrat Party?

‘Has She Got the Wrong Number!’ (2016)

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Short answer: No.

The Perky Publicist is always after me to review books that I wouldn’t read even if I knew I was going to live forever and probably run out of books someday. Like for instance:


Question: How did the country which squanders more money on “education” than any civilization in all of history wind up with heaven knows how many people believing in past lives?

Yoo-hoo, churches! Did you not hear the alarm bell go off?

‘Using Magic to Get Anything You Want’ (2015)

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No, I’m not talking Humanist Manifesto magic–give up your belief in God, put your trust in Science, and you get a perfect world in which everybody’s perpetually happy.

This is, purportedly, real magic. Wishing dust. Spells.


We have the biggest, costliest, most all-inclusive “education” system in world history… and this is what we’ve got to show for it.

‘Do You Worship Science?’ (2013)

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This was written before “Artificial Intelligence” became a buzzword and, at least for the moment, the eventual solution to every problem in the world.

There is a logical error here. I can’t remember what this particular species of error is called, but it consists of presuming to derive one quality from another when the qualities are totally different from one another. For instance, expecting perfection to arise from imperfection, intelligence from stupidity, apples from oranges–you get it.


I think this is how we wind up with 47 different genders.

Incontrovertible Proof of Mermaids

This is supposed to be an age of radical skepticism, right? That’s why no eddicated person believes any of that stuff in the Bible. He would rather be scientific, and listen to a lot of tripe about dinosaurs “experimenting with different kinds of body plans,” yatta-yatta.

The flip side of our modern, hi-tech age is ignorance and superstition. Turn away from the real God, and any god will do. You can only keep worshiping celebrities and politicians for so long before you need something more.

Like mermaids, for instance.

Here is the official and bona fide video of a genuine mermaid washed up on a beach somewhere after a hurricane. What beach? What hurricane? Picky, picky, picky!

So if you’re not getting everything you need from lectures about what happened in the first 64th of a second after the Big Bang–well, don’t look a gift mermaid in the mouth.

Sports Car Goes Berserk, Kills People

So what’s wrong with this Associated Press news copy? (http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/10/04/porsche-in-malta-motor-show-loses-control-after-clipping-grass-injures-26/ )

First the headline: “Porsche in Malta motor show loses control after clipping grass, injures 26 people in crowd.”

And then this: “Eyewitnesses said the Porsche Spyder supercar was driving at high speed…”

As an afterthought, the story mentions that “the driver” was also injured.

Oh! The car had a driver, did it? And yet it still managed to lose control and go speeding? You naughty little car, you! The poor driver was just along for the ride.

Sounds like a load of bilge, doesn’t it?

Well, if guns can just take it upon themselves to indulge in shooting sprees, maybe cars can decide to play kamikaze.

What does your car get up to when you aren’t looking?

P.S.–It’s Worse Than I Thought

If you still think the money we spend on public education is put to good use, here are some Yahoo! Questions and Answers on the subject of granting wishes ( https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090405172606AAbN0SM ).

Q: whats a sure way to get a wish granted, like a shooting star, or certain rites, or any websites that have this info, and i am not looking for spells, if you dont believe in wishes then dont bother answer and trying to convince me there not real because your not going to change my mind at all… And so on. This sentence never seems to end. But dig the answer.

A: The power of your mind is all you need really. Your mind radiates energy therefore the energy you project comes back to you. If you ask the universe for something and believe its already been givin you, then it will manifest itself. (everything around you is a manifestation of your thoughts…. I aked the universe for a distinct rock once, a few days later someone gave me a weird egg shaped stone/rock…

Ask the universe?

Everything around you is a manifestation of your thoughts–y’mean like trees, the ground, other people, other people’s thoughts? But maybe you’re only a manifestation of some other guy’s thoughts.

Here’s another one.

A: The universe decides if you truly “need” this wish. If it is not an important issue and it is selfish, you will not receive it.

Gee, who has done a worse job here–our schools or our churches?

They hold jobs (some of them). They reproduce. They vote.