Incontrovertible Proof of Mermaids

This is supposed to be an age of radical skepticism, right? That’s why no eddicated person believes any of that stuff in the Bible. He would rather be scientific, and listen to a lot of tripe about dinosaurs “experimenting with different kinds of body plans,” yatta-yatta.

The flip side of our modern, hi-tech age is ignorance and superstition. Turn away from the real God, and any god will do. You can only keep worshiping celebrities and politicians for so long before you need something more.

Like mermaids, for instance.

Here is the official and bona fide video of a genuine mermaid washed up on a beach somewhere after a hurricane. What beach? What hurricane? Picky, picky, picky!

So if you’re not getting everything you need from lectures about what happened in the first 64th of a second after the Big Bang–well, don’t look a gift mermaid in the mouth.

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