An Atheist Fairy Tale for Your Kiddies

Libs and progs are popping their buttons over “a child’s first book of Evolution”–Grandmother Fish by somebody named Jonathan Tweet. NPR went into ecstasy about it, and the publishers are happy they got it out in time for Christmas.

So this Christmas, folks, give the gift of unbelief! Don’t worry about dying in your sins, because you’re gonna die anyway and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve done good or evil, and what the hell, the only things that really matter are Science and The State, those things are immortal…

You don’t even have to be an atheist: any liberal Christian who craves the approval of the ungodly can pump this stuff into a child’s head.

Well, this is what happens when you divorce Christmas from Jesus Christ. You have nothing left but greed and folly.

Ironic, isn’t it? We Christians in a Christian country–the Europeans marvel at the Christianity of America, not being able to see it up close like we do, and thus not able to appreciate how shallow it’s become–are ready to give away Christmas itself to the Enemy.

Can we please stand up a little? Can we please make some resistance?

At least Esau got a bowl of soup for his birthright.

We have sold ours for–well, if I start saying it, I won’t be able to stop.

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  1. “Once upon a time there was a fish. This fish was no ordinary fish. She lived millions of years ago, at a time when fish were not like fish at all, but were the prototypes of fish. Her ancestors had crawled out of primordial sludge after a giant cataclysm, where for a while they had been land-dwellers. But slowly, over eons, they had developed gills and fins and …”

    “Mom, would you please read me that Narnia book instead? This is *boring*!”

  2. There was a ‘man-on-the-street’ interview on television yesterday. The question “who was Jesus” was asked of college-age adults. Some of the answers astounded and saddened me. One said He was a baby; another said he wasn’t sure where He was born; yet another said He was a nice guy that people killed. I’m 67 years old. That He is the Son of the Living God was not mentioned. The atheistic lean in this country has been evident to me for many years, but I must admit I honesty did not realize how ignorant our children are now. This is what happens to a society that kicks God out of every facet of life. Can our country sink any lower? It’s no wonder God has turned His face away from this once blessed nation. We are under judgment, people. God help us all.
    Even so, come Lord Jesus.

    1. Please don’t forget that the answers you saw are the answers that the show’s producers wanted you to see. There’s no telling what they left on the cutting room floor.

    2. Gee, I hope you’re right on that. If it’s any consolation, my kids would be able to answer that question, and they can’t be the only ones. Many Christians have gone silent under pressure though, and this is not a time for silence.

    3. You’re right weavingword. And the silence in the pulpits is incredibly disappointing. Pastors have abdicated their responsibility to God and to their flocks.

    4. No kidding. We left a church years ago because a new pastor came in who hadn’t even read the whole Bible before. He was “working his way through it,” but really had no heart for it. By his sermons it was obvious that he had no idea what he was preaching–half the time it was pure blasphemy just because he didn’t understand. Whatever school ordained him should have been thoroughly ashamed. It has been difficult to find a church that isn’t either overly watered down, or way too far to the other extreme. Sign of the times I guess.

  3. I love this book! My 2y grandson loves dinosaurs and we’re teaching him critical thinking and instilling a wonder of the natural world. He asks to watch PBS series YOUR INNER FISH. He watches the moon and stars with us and we frequently mention that some people don’t like to think and believe stories that aren’t real. I refuse to abuse him with fear of eternal torture damnation. This boy will know where we really came from.

    1. “Where we really came from”–a fish? Really? How do you know that? Oh! Because “science” says so.
      Believe it or not, it’s quite possible to love nature and study it without believing a single word of Evolution.
      When I was a little boy, I loved dinosaurs. And I still do! Prehistoric mammals, too.
      If you’re only looking out on the world through the bars of the Darwinist cage… well, you really don’t have to, that’s all.You just don’t have to.

    2. When you even criticize liberal Christians who can see God and evolution as compatible, do you know what you become? Extremists. Enjoy that tag.

    3. Sure, you don’t have to. You don’t have to ground your beliefs in evidence. You can just believe whatever you like. Use faith instead of evidence.
      That doesn’t actually get you far in the real world though does it. You don’t use faith over evidence when deciding if it’s safe to cross the road, do you? I’m not sure why this is any different.

  4. That’s what I find so amazing. The odds against amino acids organizing themselves into one single protein are astronomical, and one protein is but a tiny fraction of even one cell. A lot of extremely unlikely occurrences would have to happen at the same time in order for just the building blocks of a single cell to be in the same place at the same time.

    Everything around us bespeaks order. The trees, alfalfa, cacti, not to mention the wildlife (as I write, some quail are trotting past my window). This is just the view from one window in an obscure location in Arizona, and order is everywhere around me.

    The physical realm exists. It is an immutable fact. It had to come from some source. I believe that the source had to be an Intelligent Designer. Now, the nature of this Designer is a matter of dispute for some folks, but the bottom line is that whatever the source of this design, it is obvious that Source is a far better engineer than I am, or anyone else I know (and I know some great engineers). Humans can make some amazing devices, but a mere caterpillar crawling through your garden is more complex than the Space Shuttle. Amazing design is abundant!

    So, like many people, I have concluded that this Designer is a higher form of life, a “lord” by definition. No theology up to this point. Somewhere just short of 4,000 years ago, a man name Abram claims to have been told to leave the land of his family and journey to a land which would eventually be given to his descendants. The one telling Abram to do so was identified as LORD, the use of all capital characters designating that this was the highest LORD, with no Lord holding authority over Him. Thus starts the revealing of God to mankind.

    Is that far fetched? Well, it’s no more far fetched than believing that water dripping on rocks dislodged chemicals which self-organized into the building blocks of life and somehow became every living thing we see.

    At about this point, scoffers usually ask where God came from and I don’t know. But even without God, there is a Universe and no one knows how it got here. I see God as the ultimate source, not just of the material realm, but of reality itself, the source of logic and the source of the laws that govern every aspect of the physical realm. Scientists say that matter comes from energy and, apparently, the energy comes from God. The bible says as much in Isaiah 40:26.

    “Lift up your eyes on high
    And see who has created these stars,
    The One who leads forth their host by number,
    He calls them all by name;
    Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power,
    Not one of them is missing.”

    One can question all of this and many people do Ultimately, beyond a certain point of origin, no one can say what has happened. Scientists state that they have no insight into what happened before the “Big Bang”, a term that was actually a derogatory reference to the notion that the Universe had a beginning.

    So there you have it. A Big Bang of unknown origin which created a Universe from nothing, or a “big bang” of creative energy emanating from a source beyond the physical realm, proceeding according to the will if a Being that exists beyond the physical realm and resulting in all we see around us today. Each would appear the same to an observer in the physical realm, but only one of these scenarios answers the question of where the design INFORMATION, which is essential to any orderly design, originated.

    1. What I’d like to know (yoo-hoo, all-knowing Science, are you there?) is where the stuff came from to “bang,” and what impulse disturbed the inertia of the stuff in order to make it “bang.” Or, as the saying goes, “why is there something rather than nothing?” And why did it start changing from an inert something into other somethings?

    2. Something cannot come out of nothing–that’s a law of physics. But Science says, “Oh it rain on de rocks an’ de rocks come alive, doo-dah, doo-dah…”

    3. The term “Big Bang” was actually derisive coined by Sir Fred Hoyle. At the time, the accepted scientific theory was that the Universe had no beginning and when it was proposed that it started at a certain point in time, Hoyle derisively said that these theorists could have their. “Big Bang” if they chose to. He never accepted the concept of the Universe having an beginning.

      The notion of a Big Bang was seen as leaning towards creationism, and the scientific world may have been the greatest force of inertia that the Big Bang ever had to overcome. 🙂

      From the perspective of a believer, I can accept that if God Almighty chose to create a physical realm from His abundant energy, Isaiah 40:26 “Lift up on high your eyes, And see — who hath prepared these? He who is bringing out by number their host, To all of them by name He calleth, By abundance of strength (And he is strong in power) not one is lacking.” (Young’s literal translation)

      We know that matter is energy. You might be surprised to learn that the only reason a solid object is solid is not from the mass of the matter but from the electrodynamic force which exists between tiny, sub-atomic particles.

      The moment that the physical matter of the Universe came into being would appear as a huge burst coming out of nothing. Matter came from another realm, that spirit realm in which our God exists. To the best of their reckoning, this energy expanded rapidly, cooled as it expanded and all we see today came into existence. While I do t think that an undirected explosion created our Universe, I can understand how it might appear that way, to the atheist observer.

      I am very interested in science and believe that true science can flourish compatibly with a belief in God. Some of the heavy hitters of science, such as Newton and Faraday, were known for their Godly Devotion. Sadly, much of the scientific world is dominating by atheism and scientists that speak out in favor of creation will face a collapse of their careers.

      But that does not stop me from seeing the hand of God all around me. Part of my job involves engineering data communications systems and without an orderly set of laws governing all mattter, it would be impossible to create even the simplest communications system . . . or anything else.

      And I do mean anything. Our physical realm is unbelievably complex and can function only because the laws of physics are completely reliable. If gravity wavered by even the tiniest amount, the Universe would either fly apart into totsl disorder or collapse. But it never has, and it never will, because an all powerful Creator from the spirit realm wills our existence.

      It might look like a Big Bang, but the creation of this Universe and the life God brought into existence were far from random. They are the will of a Creator that exceeds our ability to understand, yet reveals Himself to us through His word.

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