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An Atheist Reacts to My Book Review

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This blog is on fire this morning, largely due to a little book review I wrote back on Nov. 28 of last year, of a Darwinist fairy tale for children entitled Grandmother Fish ( https://leeduigon.com/2015/11/28/an-atheist-fairy-tale-for-your-kiddies/ ). And this morning it’s all over Facebook.

I received a comment from a reader who has been “teaching him [her son] critical thinking”… at two years old. He watches PBS, and his parents have warned him about a certain kind of people–us, that is: we who believe in God. “[W]e frequently mention that some people don’t like to think and believe stories that aren’t real.”

Great Caesar’s ghost. How do you even answer that? It’s one of those times that you run into such blindness, such foolishness, that it leaves you plumb speechless.

Having disposed of religion as a form of child abuse, the reader goes on to declare, “This boy will know where we really came from.”

From fish? All right, then–where did the fish come from?

Darwinism has never been able to provide even a plausible explanation for the origin of life itself. The latest hot theory is that rocks and minerals got rained on and somehow became alive.

Believing stories that aren’t real?

Oh, well–who needs the Bible, when you’ve got PBS?


As I search for hymns each morning, to post here, I often encounter comments by atheists who say they “hate religion,” yatta-yatta, but they really love the music.

There is a certain wistfulness in this, like that of a child standing outside a candy store, looking in at what he cannot have. But of course there is no one keeping the atheist out of God’s candy store but the atheist himself, hard of heart and hardest on himself.

Dudes, you can come in any time you want, and we will welcome you! And wait’ll you learn that God’s grace is a free gift, yours for the claiming.

Or you can just stay outside and listen to atheist music, whatever that might be.

An Atheist Fairy Tale for Your Kiddies

Libs and progs are popping their buttons over “a child’s first book of Evolution”–Grandmother Fish by somebody named Jonathan Tweet. NPR went into ecstasy about it, and the publishers are happy they got it out in time for Christmas.

So this Christmas, folks, give the gift of unbelief! Don’t worry about dying in your sins, because you’re gonna die anyway and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve done good or evil, and what the hell, the only things that really matter are Science and The State, those things are immortal…

You don’t even have to be an atheist: any liberal Christian who craves the approval of the ungodly can pump this stuff into a child’s head.

Well, this is what happens when you divorce Christmas from Jesus Christ. You have nothing left but greed and folly.

Ironic, isn’t it? We Christians in a Christian country–the Europeans marvel at the Christianity of America, not being able to see it up close like we do, and thus not able to appreciate how shallow it’s become–are ready to give away Christmas itself to the Enemy.

Can we please stand up a little? Can we please make some resistance?

At least Esau got a bowl of soup for his birthright.

We have sold ours for–well, if I start saying it, I won’t be able to stop.

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