A Song and a Prayer

I know, I know–I’ve posted this song before. But it’s so beautiful. Its only connection to Christmas, really, is that it was part of the score in the 1951 movie version of “A Christmas Carol”–Scrooge, starring Alistair Sim. But in that the theme of that story, and that film, is redemption by the grace of God, that ties it in with Christmas.

So enjoy it. And meanwhile, a prayer.

Father in Heaven, make this Christmas season strong and mighty, to thaw frozen hearts and move us to love Our Lord Jesus Christ, our savior and our king. Give it power to shake and tear down the strongholds of this world, strongholds of pride and unbelief, arrogance and misbelief. Let the light of Christmas blaze forth, and blot out the lies and darkness of this age. O Father! Do as thou hast said. Make Christ’s enemies His footstool, and put the government upon His shoulder forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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  1. I never knew the name of this lovely piece of music but I remember it threaded all throughout the 1951″A Christmas Carol”. I remember seeing this for the first time when I was a little girl. Originally, I thought that it was a very old film but was so surprised to find out later (when we bought it on CD) that it was made in 1951, the year before I was born. You can tell that it was filmed on a studio set (the “snow”) and perhaps that’s what gives it that old feel. But the film’s one endearing quality to me is how it reflects what is the true meaning of Christmas, the joyous feeling one gets when one realizes that Christ has come into this dark earth to save sinners from the punishment of their sins and to give them eternal life with God the Father. That’s what it’s all about and why the Joy of Christmas! Thanks for putting the title to the song.

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