Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust

When they’re not warning us about “white Christian terrorists” that no one ever heard of, libs ‘n’ progs occasionally get careless and say what’s really on their minds.

A board member of the American Civil Liberties Union in Colorado–the ACLU press release tries to write this guy off as just “a volunteer,” but he was a board member–has had to resign after using his Facebook page to advocate the killing of Americans who support Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy ( ).

Yup, kill ’em all dead, said the ACLU big shot. Gee, that would be quite a few million people. I think you could call that a holocaust.

Why murder them? Because, said Mr. Civil Liberties, “they won’t listen to reason.” [Two-minute laugh break.] “[W]hen justice is gone, there’s always force.”

The police won’t investigate the incident because, they say, Mr. Civil Liberties’ terrorist remarks are “covered by free speech.” [Three-minute laugh break.] They probably have more important things to do, like tracking down some Christian who refused to cater a lesbian “wedding,” or bust a Climate Change denier.

Well, once again we get a peek at the true face of progressivism. Not very pretty, is it?

Even the college types just want to shut people up and take away their livelihoods. Not kill them.

But I expect that idea will grow on them, with time.

13 comments on “Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust

  1. Hmmm . . . do you suppose he’s delusional or could a lack of critical thinking be the culprit? Either way (and I’m sure there are many more possibilities) the libs and progs have perfected a way to retain free speech as a right for themselves alone. Their circular reasoning precludes the rest of us lest we be labeled racist or terrorist – or Heaven forbid, Christian!

    1. You wonder why he had to resign. Was it because he brought disgrace on the ACLU, or because he let something slip that he shouldn’t have?

    2. Most likely, the latter. They work hard to keep their true agenda hidden.
      Off-topic, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, Lee. I read a number of others, but yours is the only one I actually participate in. It’s fun and I appreciate your humor. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Reminds me of the recent news story of the woman who laughed so hard while sitting on a terrace she fell over the ledge and died from the fall. I laugh so hard at people like Nancy Pelosi tears run down my cheeks.

    1. Nancy Pelosi is not funny. When my wife sees that video of her parading down the street with the giant gavel, after using every sleazy trick in the book to impose Obamacare on our country, her commentary must not be reproduced here.

    2. That spectacle causes similar reactions in our house, but I’m sure Patty is much more genteel than my Force Recon Marine 🙂 Unprintable.

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