The Progresive Paradice

Ha, ha, that stopid guy went out to rid his bike, so i got his blogg.

My prefesser he gave a grate lexture yestreday abuot how grate everthing wil be wen the hole world is run by interllecturals like us and they is only one goverrmint and it is al progresive!

Nobody wont have to do no work exept maybbe christins if there is any of thim left, their wont be many becose then everboddy will kno there is no God. My prefesser he sayed we has to set all them ordrinary dum peple free from there stopid religgus beleafs. Then there wont be no work anyboddy got to do exept unless yiu goin to rite musicle sympathies or paint grate works of art or rite poitry.

Som idjit he asked How yuo gonna pay for all this without nobody workin? and so we beet him up. But my prefesser he ansored anyhow, he sayed Thats “easy we jist make The Rich pay for it all!

And aslo we got to Save the Planet, so ther wont be no more cars and no more Air conditoning for ordrinary peple they dont nede it anyway, just for us interllecturals becuse we got to kepe our Branes cool and comfritable.

Ther wont be no God and ther wont be no work and thar wont be no cars and no Air conditon, but supprise, hear’s the good news!!! ther wil be Free Collidge for All! No tution, just go! It be freee for everboddy but them christins becose they arent no good for nothin; And this wil be yuor chanst to get yur owne degre in Gender Studies jist like im getting.

Rembember to vote for Hillery, she wil get this all started up!!

6 comments on “The Progresive Paradice

  1. Well, Harry Reid has the poitry riting covered since he took to the Senate floor bemoaning the possible loss of funding for “Cowboy Poetry” a couple of years ago
    By the way, Lee, I’m curious. It must take a certain degree of mental gymnastics to misspell all those words! Seems like it would take more concentration.

    1. Speaking of Joe Collidge, I hope we can warn him that his moth antennas aren’t going to work.

  2. Back in the ’70’s I would see people wearing Mao shirts and think, “What is wrong with these people?” Then in 1976 on July 4th I was at the Mall in Washington D.C. where there was a rally. Speaker after speaker was calling for the federal government to take over the oil companies, and better redistribute the wealth. I was stunned. I went to one of the tables with literature and said, “Are you guys Socialists?” and they responded in the affirmative and asked what I was. I said “I am a Capitalist,’ and they gasped as if I spoken with profanity. Then I hiked off to the Archives Building to view the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

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