The Sex-Bots Are Coming

In case anyone wonders why we’ve been posting so many hymns here lately, just take a peek at the news today.

I have to call attention to this stuff because I am, in a way, a watchman. So here goes.

Robots for companionship–in lieu of other human beings–and as sex partners–in lieu of other human beings–are gonna be “the biggest trend of 2016,” according to The Mirror ( ).

Lord, if you’ve got any plans for this fallen world, don’t let us delay you. Speaking only for myself, I am rendered almost speechless by the magnitude of our fall from grace. Nor do I have the slightest notion of what we ought to do.

But that’s only one news story, just one, out of piles and piles of copy today. All the others are just as bad.

If I really need to explain to anyone why robot sex is the ultimate in degeneracy, a cultural trend that needs to be blown out of the water today and not tomorrow–well, there’s someone who’s too far gone to understand the explanation, anyhow.

Read the article, get a load of the pictures. You’ll see what I mean.

Just don’t try to do it on a full stomach.

3 comments on “The Sex-Bots Are Coming

  1. Speechless, horrified, disgusted – words don’t seem to be descriptive enough. How this degenerate world could fall much further is beyond me. Even Sodom and Gomorrah – as horrid and despicable as they were – couldn’t have conceived this. The Lord is longsuffering and tarries that none should be lost. But things are looking bleak at the moment.

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