Yet Another Hellish Scheme

A team of scientists (I use the word advisedly) in Newcastle, UK–where they can’t figure out how to manage with the people who were born normally–is working on a project to create designer babies from the DNA of four parents instead of two ( ).

If only Heinrich Himmler could have lived to see this! He’d be turning cartwheels over it.

They have no clear idea, of course, how this cute little science project will turn out; but, like the ninnies in Jurassic Park, they’ve just got to go ahead with it.

Folks, if you think I enjoy reporting stuff like this, you’d better think again. But we do need to know what we’re up against, so that when we petition our God to deliver us out of this evil age, we know what we’re asking for.

Prayer is the only weapon they can never take away from us.

A Praying Mantis Matinee?

This mantis was waiting in line outside a theater where they were having a Heaven’s Gate revival.

Here’s  an awesome scientific experiment you could probably do yourself, if you had the patience and the manual dexterity for it.

Scientists have been showing 3-D movies to praying mantises, to find out whether the insects can see in three dimensions ( ), reports the Los Angeles Times. The purpose, supposedly, is to find some way to build robots that can see in three dimensions.

So far they have only shown the mantises little film clips of potentially edible bugs. But what would happen if you showed a mantis Gigli? Or Star Wars: The Force Awakens? How about a whole theater full of mantises?

And what if you could find out whether the insects liked the movie, or not?

The movie industry needs help. The average feature film costs over $100 million to make, and the makers lose their shirts on a fair number of them.

But in insects Hollywood has a potential audience hundreds of times greater than all of the people in the world. One swarm of locusts, or a couple of attics full of Chinese shield bugs, and you’ve made your money back!

Maybe we could even wind up with movies made for insects and watched by robots.

How much worse could they be than some of the movies we avoid now?


Global Warming Wacko: ‘Terminate Industrial Civilization’

This is from October of last year, but I only stumbled over it today–an academic interlectural saying we can Save the Planet by destroying its economy and risking the likely extinction of the human race ( ).

Atheist wack-job Gary McPherson, a doodler at the University of Arizona, appeared on New Zealand television to proclaim that we can stop Climate Change if we “terminate industrial civilization.” He admits that this will utterly wreck the whole world’s economy and could result in the rapid die-off of humanity. But hey, he argues–we’re gonna go extinct eventually, anyhow, so why not do it now? The planet will then be saved by having no people on it.

McPherson represents the extreme misanthrope wing of the Global Warming gang, which also consists of self-proclaimed gods, liberal control freaks, and progressive politicians who live like maharajas but would like the rest of us to scale it way, way back.

What are we to make of those out there in the world who actually believe what these people say? Who can begin to account for such credulity?

New Dinosaur, Same Old Poppycock

I love dinosaurs; always have. So when I saw a report that a “bizarre” new dinosaur had been discovered in Chile ( ), I hastened to read all about it.

“New” dinosaurs are being discovered all the time. It’s exciting. This one, Chilesaurus, is neat because it has the skeletal structure of a meat-eating dinosaur (theropod) but the skull and teeth of a plant-eater (sauropod–and sauropods and theropods both belong to a larger group of dinosaurs, the lizard-hipped… but I digress).

OK, Chilesaurus is new. What’s old is the way “science journalists” and the alleged scientists they interview talk about it.

The creature’s odd mix of parts, says the article by The Guardian’s science editor, show “an extreme example of mosaic convergent evolution, where different parts of an animal adapt to the environment along the same path taken by other creatures.” You’d almost think he’d actually observed it. Lemme see, now–my nose is gonna follow this path of evolution, kinda like a tapir’s nose, and my neck wants to follow this other path, like a giraffe… man, am I a mess…

But a real scientist easily outdoes this bit of verbage:

“It shows that dinosaurs were experimenting with a wide range of body types…”

This is a singularly asinine group of words. The dinosaurs were experimenting? OK, first we’ll try this body type, and run it through a couple of tests, and then we’ll try that one…

None of this stuff, including the dinosaurs themselves, has ever been observed by a living human being. There are no records to consult. We have wonderful fossil remains which move us to speculate–wisely, we hope–as to what the animals were like when they were living. But we’re laden down with this old Theory of Evolution that has to be defended at all costs, lest the wise men of the world have to answer for the crimes committed in its name, and they keep shoe-horning the dinosaurs into it.

Maybe if scientists stopped talking through their hats, I might try listening to them again.