College to Feature Anti-White Month

Remember the Chinese students with their little red books? Colleges seem always to have lent themselves to the active pursuit of tyranny and idiocy.

Hey, out there! Are you ready to take on “the learning tasks of Critical Race Theory”? What–you’re not? Well, then, you’d better get your butt over to Portland Community College (aka Political Correctness College) in time for their “Whiteness History Month,” which has just started ( ).

Didn’t you know that “the construct of whiteness” creates racial inequality? You didn’t? You’re asking, “What the devil is a ‘construct of whiteness'”?

Shut up! You racist, you!

Actually, a “construct” or a “social construct” refers to something that isn’t really real, but only exists in people’s minds because some evil white heterosexual males made it up. But not to worry! This “educational project,” guaranteed to turn students into driveling idiots, is up to the challenge.

Gee, those imaginary problems sure are tough to solve! But if you’re in the business of solving them, you’ve got a job for life. And there is absolutely no way to get fired for doing it badly.

“Whiteness History Month” is the deformed brainchild of the Campus Diversity Council, dedicated to achieving “diversity” through uniformity of thought.

There are too many colleges in America, with too many people in them.

Shut most of them down.

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  1. This deformed brain child could just as easily have been conceived while someone was on honeymoon in the sunny south of Africa. Seems it is becoming more and more un-PC to be white. Imagine living where you are part of a small minority – who needs college courses if the powers that be can simply rewrite history (or, if illiterate, just state it to the media)? God help us!

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