Here Come de Snow! Panic Time

We’ll take a break from Global Warming this weekend, here in the Northeast, to experience what weather forecasters are calling “a colossal snowstorm” that will dump either a foot or two feet of snow on us ( ), depending on how badly the guy on TV wants to scare his audience.

Here in suburban New Jersey, what that forecast means is total panic. For some reason, people pay no attention at all to the fact that no one in these parts has ever been snowbound. So they descend in crowds upon the supermarkets and frantically buy up batteries, milk, toilet paper, and loaves of bread–like they’re gonna need weeks’ worth of basic supplies, otherwise they’re gonna wind up like the Donner Party. (You know–the wagon train trapped in the California mountains by snow, had to resort of cannibalism, etc.)

I remember one time, some years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, when the weathermen predicted “the mother of all snowstorms” and everybody took it seriously, and you had businesses and public agencies announcing right away that they would have to be closed on Monday, can’t expect them to remain open during Snowmaggedon. And, oops–not one flake fell. That caused some hard feelings.

We shall see if it really snows. But I’m not looking forward to our regular Friday morning grocery shopping.

3 comments on “Here Come de Snow! Panic Time

  1. People here in southern Ohio react the same way, but over the mere rumor of getting an inch or two. Bread, milk, water, etc. fly off store shelves, schools close…it’s really ridiculous. Who gets “trapped for days” over an inch of snow?! In northeast Ohio we could get a foot and life went on, business as usual. Just moving from one end of the state to the other has been a real culture shock.

  2. I’m kinda surprised, actually. I’d have thought that living that far up north, New Jerseyans would 1, be used to snow and 2, already be prepared for a bad storm.
    When I lived in Iowa, no one panicked when we got tons of snow and school kids didn’t get many ‘snow days’ even though there were a lot of days when it snowed.

    1. The whole thing is hype–the media go absolutely off the wall whenever snow is in our forecast. More often than not, it turns out to be little or nothing. But people never learn! They mob the stores, and buy 10 gallons of milk, 15 loaves of bread, 50 rolls of toilet paper, and 100 batteries. It really is pitiful to watch.

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