Nature Break–Baby Musk Oxen

Hi! Mr. Nature here.

Right now it’s snowing sideways and we’ve already got almost two feet of it on the ground, with more to come. Dig that Global Warming.

But here’s an animal that normally inhabits the northern coast of Greenland and some of the really, really cold parts of  Canada–the musk ox.

The babies are cute as buttons. They will grow up to weigh 800 pounds with very sharp horns, and for big animals, they’re very light on their feet.  In modern times they’ve been introduced to places where they lived during prehistoric times, such as Siberia, where they seem to be doing well.

North coast of Greenland–wow. Who would expect anything to be able to live there–let alone a large herbivorous mammal?

There’s no quibbling with God’s stuff, though. It always works.

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