You Do Know There’s a Comment Contest?

Yo, everybody–I just want to remind you there’s a comment contest here, and whoever posts Comment No. 5,000 wins a free book.

How to play: simple. Just scroll down to the bottom of the post you’re reading and click “Leave a Comment” (or is it “Leave a Reply”? I never have to use it, so I can’t remember).

I will not publish comments abusive to me or to any other commenter, or containing the f-bomb, or blasphemous, or intended to sell a product while pretending to be a  comment (you get spammed if you try that), or just too blatantly inane for words. Otherwise, anything goes.

And yes, I do post comments by liberals. Not that I get that many.

Anyway, instead of sitting there watching the Stupid Bowl today, read fun articles on this blog and comment away.

5 comments on “You Do Know There’s a Comment Contest?

    1. And you do a fine job 🙂 I remember learning that word when I was a little girl – it all came about when I was peeling an orange. I liked the soft fleshy white stuff inside the peel – my mom told me it was the ‘pith’ which made me go on a quest to find out what a ‘pith’ was. Interesting.

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