A Five-Star Fantasy

Every now and then I get to read and review a book that makes my work a pleasure. S.D. Smith’s The Black Star of Kingston is such a book. It’s been a long time since I read a book that so deeply moved me.

Smith’s first book in what I hope will be a long series, The Green Ember, was very good–but this, a prequel, is even better. It’s a little book. You could read it in a sitting, but I stretched it out to two sittings because I didn’t want it to end.

It’s a simple story of rabbits–very human rabbits, with a government, industries, arts and crafts, etc.–trying to establish themselves in a new home, after being driven out of their old home by merciless enemies. Why rabbits instead of people? Well, why not? It’s a fantasy for children, and children like animal characters.

Smith is a good enough writer to make it look easy, a very good writer indeed. His suspense is masterful, and the action of the climax is intense. Maybe a little too intense for some young readers–but to write it off as a children’s book is to rob adult readers. This is, quite simply, the best book I’ve read in quite a while.

What’s it about? It’s about love, courage, and loyalty. Friendship and self-sacrifice. Hope and faith. Although it’s not overtly “Christian,” it certainly conforms to Christian values. Not that we have a monopoly on these: we don’t. But taken as a whole, I call it a thoroughly Christian book. And a visit to Mr. Smith’s website, http://www.sdsmith.net , will leave you in no doubt as to his religious sensibilities.

Don’t let this one slip past you. Read it!

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  1. Your review puts this at the top of any reading list. This sounds like another one for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren (in a few years).

    I’ll be busy reading your Bell Mountain Series as soon as the ones I’ve ordered arrive. I’m glad there’s not an end to your series yet. I love stories that go on and on. Years and years ago, I read the Hobbit and Tolkien’s trilogy and was a bit disappointed when it ended. But I still remember the characters all these many years later – Bilbo, Frodo, Gandolf, the Wraiths – quite an adventure.

    I’m anxious to read your series, Lee.

    1. Seems to be taking awhile, but things like that have to heal from the inside out so I suppose it’s running its normal course. Meanwhile, not re-injuring it is helpful. No bike riding, I assume.

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