‘Atheists Got No Songs’

And let’s close out with this amusing little ditty, Atheists Don’t Have No Songs, with Steve Martin, suggested by Susan, my editor.

Actually, atheists don’t have much of anything, except for maybe chutzpah. It takes real nerve to be that foolish and still think you’re smart.

14 comments on “‘Atheists Got No Songs’

  1. Now there’s something I’ve never given any thought to, but I guess they really don’t have any songs. And you’re right, Lee, they do have a rather superior attitude. Unfortunately, I do have an atheist in my family who I continue to pray for. It mystifies me how that could have happened.

    Have a blessed evening, Lee.

    1. Since atheism IS no religion, my guess would be yes. They deny God, but if they had no God to deny, they would still be atheists. Sheesh! I feel like I just got off a merry-go-round. I never thought of it in those terms before. You’ve got my head spinning a bit Watchman 🙂

  2. Muse are one of the best bands of all time, ‘And we’ll pray, that there’s no God, to punish us and make a fuss’…. It’s funny how god gifted such an openly unreligious lead singer!

    1. If those ‘sins’ are undeserving, then no. Or are you one of these theists that accepts punishment just because you are told you deserve it? Very 50 Shades….

    2. I don’t like how you brought atheists into it but when one speaks you tell them to go away. Not very nice.

    3. Wow! You didn’t like a humorous song that made a joke at the expense of atheists? Do you have any idea at all of how many of these pokes and pinches Christians have to put up with? Did you really think I would take kindly to your calling the heart and soul of my most sacred beliefs “a lovely little story”?

      What would possess you to come here and say that? This is obviously a Christian blog. You are obviously going to annoy people when you say a thing like that. What did you want to accomplish by doing so?

      I told you to go away because you got my goat. Things like that usually happen when one person makes another angry. I realize I should have encouraged you to stay–but my gift for evangelism is probably not equal to ministering to you.

      Nevertheless, I apologize for being impatient with you. I should have tried to convert you instead. I doubt I can–but then if the Holy Spirit doesn’t do the converting, it doesn’t get done.

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