Rutgers Students Need Group Therapy After Exposure to Someone Else’s Opinion

Ah, Rutgers University, my alma mater! Whose minions, to this day, periodically phone me to ask for money.

No. I will not give Rutgers any money. Not ever.

So a reporter from Breitbart came to Rutgers recently to give a little speech, and, exposed to an opinion other than their own, some of the students flipped out and had to hold a group therapy session in the “aftermath” of the speech ( ).

Students reported “feeling scared, hurt, discriminated against” and “scared to walk around the campus the next day.” One said “my mental health” was unsettled by being exposed to an opinion contrary to his own. They got all sorts of money-wasting campus agencies involved–holding their hands and wiping away their tears, I guess–from the kampus kops to half a dozen different “counseling” bodies.

What was the speech about? Aw, who cares? It’s so ridiculously easy to send collidge students over the edge these days, the content of the speech is hardly relevant. The article in the Rutgers student newspaper, The Daily Targum, didn’t bother to mention it.

I ask again–what are we supposed to get out of teaching these young people to be total wastes of space? What’s the payoff? Precisely what are we paying their professors to accomplish?

America’s college and university system is bloated beyond what sanity will tolerate, and in desperate need of drastic cutbacks.

7 comments on “Rutgers Students Need Group Therapy After Exposure to Someone Else’s Opinion

  1. What we are teaching them is to be good little compliant sheeple who are unable to form an independent thought. When sanity is introduced into their presence, they are unable to handle it and fall to pieces into puddles of play-dough, easily shaped and molded by their handlers My, my – aren’t we civilized?!

    Look up, people. Our redemption draws near.

  2. Just disagreeing with these children (let’s call them what they deserve to be called) is considered an attack. They have nothing but the opinions drummed into them by the educational establishment from pre-school onward. They have no depth to their reasons for believing these things beyond repeating a handful of shopworn platitudes that have been crammed down their throats. That’s it! That’s all they have.

    Unfortunately, most of these kids “know” that they are right about all of their opinions because they have never been exposed to responsible opposing viewpoints. Anyone that dares to have a different take on matters is called a hater, or a Nazi, or a denier.

    So we have graduates coming out of college with degrees of questionable value and limited reasoning skills. Not a recipe for success.

    1. Unknowable, I agree with you, except that they don’t have “opinions”; all they have are feelings that they’ve been told are opinions. And they don’t have “limited reasoning skills.” They have NO reasoning skills. In fact, they’ve been taught that reasoning itself is a patriarchal, heteronormative, white-privileged evil. I’m not making this up; I experienced it among my own students during my last few years of teaching. That’s one of the main reasons I retired earlier than I’d planned. I was used to the craziness in my colleagues, but now I was starting to see it in my beloved students.

    2. Hasn’t reasoning become all but obsolete in this world of ‘smart’ phones, ‘smart’ TVs, ‘smart’ tablets, ‘smart’ computers . . .

  3. Public education is set up as a challenge to pass tests. You take a class, pass it, and then move on to the next one. There is no in-depth study of anything. When students have spare time, instead of reading in depth about famous leaders, history changing events, or what life is like in other countries for instance, they play with their phones and watch silly videos. This is all done on purpose because the mass of human beings (including the salaried teachers) are seen as material to be molded into the society the egotistical, narcissistic Elites have envisioned for them.

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