‘An Invitation to Yoga’ (2017)

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Special yoga pants!

My viewership has cratered, these last few days, my computer’s acting up, it’s too cold outside to write–I might as well do yoga. Get my ankle stuck on the back of my neck. Quick, call Rutgers.

An Invitation to Yoga

Yes: while China is dead serious about teaching its college students how to master the sciences–and how to cheat–our colleges are into… yoga. And Beyonce studies. Our professors turn up as guests on NPR babbling about how “white people own time.”

But if we don’t stop doing stupid stuff, it’s Red China who’s going to own time. Red China’s going to own us.

Liberals are happy with all that Chairman Mao stuff. But we are in a race with China, economically and technologically… and the loser will lose big.

Do we still have time for yoga pants and trigger warnings?

‘My Alma Mater! Hot Dog! (It’s an Idiot Factory)’ (2016)

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It’s been a few years now since Rutgers phoned me, asking for money. I don’t know how many times I had to tell them that I don’t contribute to perverse criminal enterprises. Maybe they finally got the message.

But at Rutgers Looniversity, the idiocy never takes a breather. For instance:

My Alma Mater! Hot Dog! (It’s an Idiot Factory)

Soon leftids will have it so we can’t say anything at all, except to recite brain-dead mantras scripted for us by communist blowhards.

And they’ll call it education.

As Rutgers Rots

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Rutgers, New Jersey’s state university–I went there! I’ve got a degree from that place–continues its decay as an educational institution, now offering a three-credit course in “Practicing Social Justice” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11702).

Why has public money been spent to set up a Women’s and Gender Studies Department? What earthly good is that? It’s just like leaving a pile of rotting meat on the sidewalk to attract flies.

So the Women’s and Gender Studies Dept. will be offering this stupid course as part of its stupid degree program. The course will focus on “resistance strategies” and “nonviolent confrontational organizing.” It’s remarkable, how quickly “nonviolent” confrontations can turn violent.  The only thing that keeps these idiots out of the hospital is that normal people aren’t as nasty as they are.

Also available in the Women’s & Gender Shinola degree program is a course in “Marxist Literary Theory.” Can you imagine anything more useless?

The time has come to cut off all public funding to wastes of time and space like Rutgers University. It’s obscene and insulting, to be spending hard-earned tax dollars on inane, silly, and self-destructive nonsense like this.

‘University: “No Such Thing as Free Speech”‘ (2015)

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I actually went to this shabby excuse for higher education, Rutgers University. Back then (1967-71), they pretty much beat it into your head that you had to dissent–well, not from what they were selling: you had to “dissent” from what your parents, your church, and your country stood for.

Now it’s even loonier.


Yup, now there’s no free speech at all! In fairness to the past, a lot of the excellent professors that I had would be kicked out today for failure to be Politically Correct.

Trust me on this: We Americans are “educating” ourselves to death.

We Has Got To Control what peeple Like!!

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We hadd a spacial meating of the Stodent Soviet “last nihght” to deemand A new Traning Work Shoppe to make Sure “alll” stodents thay like Illeagle Imbagrints!! We gotted the Idear fromb Rutgers but Rutgers thay “Didnt” make it Mandetorry but we wil!!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10882)

We aslo we whant to Check waht evry boddy saying on Socile Meadia so that noboddy saying nothing Bad abote Undoctamented Imbagrints!!and any boddy that does we wil Beet them Up “and” aslo put Them inta Sensativvity Traning till thare Minds thay are Rihght!!!

Yiu see thare wil Nevver ” be” Ture Socile Jutstus untill thare arent No more boarders aruond nacians And contrys and noboddy thay shuldnt  Be “aloud” not to like Things that Socile Jutstus sayes thay shuld bettter Like Or Else!!! and that dont go jist for Illeagle Imbagrints butt for evry Thing tooo!! Like how we Going “to” has a Perfict Whirld if peeple are Jist going “to” Not Like what us Interllecturals we tells them Thay has got “To” like??? No it dosnt make No sents!!

Rutgers thay has a Good Idear but It dosnt go Far Enuohgh! but hear At Our collidge “we” wil go As Far As “it” Takes!!

‘Rutgers Students Need Group Therapy after Exposure to Someone Else’s Opinion’ (2016)

It’s hard for me to express the shame I feel, as a graduate of Rutgers. It was bad enough when I finished my college career in 1971; and they have, like Scrooge’s chain, labored on it ever since.


Again I ask–what are we supposed to do with these millions of completely useless college grads, ten years down the road?

Racing at the speed of time toward the towering cliff-face of a dreadful social problem…

They Just Won’t Give Up on Global Warming…

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Well, we’re back to “Global Warming makes the winters colder,” this time from some “climbit scientist” at my alma mater, Rutgers University (http://dailycaller.com/2018/03/14/rutgers-university-global-warming-study/).

The authors of this study admit they don’t actually know why it gets so cold in the winter, but not to worry–they’re gonna keep on studying computer models till they figure it out. Who needs to study messy, unpredictable old Nature when you can study nice, cooperative computer models that can only act on the data that you yourself put into them?

Periodically Rutgers calls to ask me for money. I laugh hysterically. If I’ve got money to give to the looniversity, I don’t deserve to have any money.

Why don’t the Climbit Change crowd just pack it in? Because they see in this the magic elixir for creating a world government with themselves lording it over the entire human race. That’s worth any amount of hard work, ain’t it? One you’re in the business of Saving The Planet, everything you do is justified. Liberals can’t resist it. Slave labor, mass graves, brainwashing–the time-honored apparatus of leftid utopia–something about that stuff really turns them on.

Please, everybody! Never, never, never again let Democrats ever take power in this country! Because that’ll be the end. This time they’ll make sure it is.

An Invitation to Yoga

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My old alma mater, Rutgers University, has invited me to an alumni yoga class. They recommend I bring yoga pants, but I don’t think I have any.

Let’s see… how has Rutgers featured in the news lately? Some of you will remember these items from when I posted them on this blog.

There was the professor who had to be carted off by the cops when he raved, in front of his class, about his desire to kill white people. He’s white, by the way.

We had Rutgers students demanding that “trigger warnings” be pasted onto just about every book you can find. They were afraid The Great Gatsby might give them the horrors.

There was the Rutgers Student Guide that warned incoming freshmen that there’s no freedom of speech at Rutgers, so they’d just all better zip their lips. You never know when some innocent thing you say will turn out to be a microaggression.

And, if memory serves, Rutgers is one of those great universities pioneering in Beyonce Studies, for those whose tuition money really does just grow on trees.

You can probably guess what I say whenever they call me up to ask for a donation.

And I think I’ll pass on the alumni yoga class. I just don’t have the pants for it.

Rutgers Students Need Group Therapy After Exposure to Someone Else’s Opinion

Ah, Rutgers University, my alma mater! Whose minions, to this day, periodically phone me to ask for money.

No. I will not give Rutgers any money. Not ever.

So a reporter from Breitbart came to Rutgers recently to give a little speech, and, exposed to an opinion other than their own, some of the students flipped out and had to hold a group therapy session in the “aftermath” of the speech ( http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/02/18/rutgers-students-hold-group-therapy-session-after-milo-yiannopoulos-visit/ ).

Students reported “feeling scared, hurt, discriminated against” and “scared to walk around the campus the next day.” One said “my mental health” was unsettled by being exposed to an opinion contrary to his own. They got all sorts of money-wasting campus agencies involved–holding their hands and wiping away their tears, I guess–from the kampus kops to half a dozen different “counseling” bodies.

What was the speech about? Aw, who cares? It’s so ridiculously easy to send collidge students over the edge these days, the content of the speech is hardly relevant. The article in the Rutgers student newspaper, The Daily Targum, didn’t bother to mention it.

I ask again–what are we supposed to get out of teaching these young people to be total wastes of space? What’s the payoff? Precisely what are we paying their professors to accomplish?

America’s college and university system is bloated beyond what sanity will tolerate, and in desperate need of drastic cutbacks.

University: ‘No Such Thing as Free Speech’

tape over mouth photo: tape-over-mouth tape-over-mouth.jpg

I just told you about Santa Clara University teaching kids to call 911 every time somebody hurts their feelings–but please don’t think such foolishness is confined to California.

Let’s zip across the continent to the opposite coast, to New Jersey–to my own alma mater, Rutgers University.

You know what Rutgers is telling its students? Hey, let’s quote from the student handbook:

“There is no such thing as ‘free’ speech.” Therefore, warns the Office of Student
Affairs, you’d better “think before you speak.” ( http://rare.us/story/rutgers-tells-students-there-is-no-such-thing-as-free-speech/ )

Hello? Hello? Is anybody home? Did they relocate Rutgers to North Korea, or bring North Korea to Rutgers?

The handbook also exhorts students to “Join activities, programs, courses, and practices that promote diversity”–by enforcing uniformity of thought–“and social justice.”

Bias incidents are forbidden, and here’s how Rutgers defines a bias act:

“Bias Acts Are: Verbal, written, physical, psychological acts–” in other words, any action at all, short of dying, which they haven’t yet figured out how to punish–“that threaten or harm a person or group on the  basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression…” Can I stop now? This goes on for quite a bit longer.

When I went to Rutgers, 1967-71, “dissent” was lauded as an end in itself, “dissenters” placed on pedestals, we were all urged to become dissenters, etc. Of course, what they wanted was for students to oppose the Viet Nam War. If you dissented in favor of the war, that was another story.

Wait’ll the next time these yo-yos call me up to ask for money. “Sorry, but I don’t contribute to silly-bugger institutions that promote Stalinism.” And go ahead, I dare you to stay on the line.