Crybaby Sanders Supporter Can’t Handle Disagreement

Sanders Supporter Cries About Trump Voter Disagreeing With Her. LOLs Ensue…

Here is a young, collidge-eddicated Bernie Sanders supporter who was brought to tears by her astonishing discovery that Trump supporters in the South have opinions that differ from hers. So she went on Facebook to cry about it.

“It actually makes me sick!” she wailed. “These people think they won the Civil War!” And so on. She is truly flabbergasted that Donald Trump’s supporters in the Southern states don’t agree with Bernie Boy that we shouldn’t have national borders anymore and everyone who wants it should get as much free stuff as he wants. She can’t take it.

How much did it cost, in public money, college tuition fees, and student debt, to turn this young woman into a weeping ninny who can’t face a world in which there are opinions other than hers?

This is not going to turn out well for America.

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  1. It would be astounding to me that the whiners have been able to facilitate the destruction of our country if I wasn’t a Bible-believing Christian who knows that God is in control and is working out His plan. God wins! Praise God!

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