Interllecturals Suport Hillery!

Hillery is Pressadint! Yeippee! Wel thats waht i thohjgt wen she won al them elections on Seuper Teusday but then my prefesser he sayed they was jist Primeary Elecktions and that dont count.

Wel than howcome that dont count “i asked” and he sayed that thays sort of lik the frist raond of a Torniquet and the reel Elecktion it is in novrember and thats wehn Hillery wil Beat! that Natsy Darnold Trumpt who has steeled the Repulbican Nommanation.

Oh i cant wate!! Wehn she is Pressadint that is wen al us Interllecturals wil reely come into ore own! becose than Hilllery she wil alyaws take Our Advise and yiu better jist Wach Out! Becose nobody wont be aloud to say or do or think or writ bad Hatful things no more and al them stopid peple who voted repulbican thay wil get theres but good! Thare wil be specle Camps for them whare thay better get thare minds rihgjt or Elsse!

Oh i hop i can git my Gender Studies degreee wile Hillery is Pressadint.

Yestidday i got me anether shot of Moth Hormones so the exspearmint its stil going on but i dont think its gong to give me Femail Chromasoames lik thay thuohjgt it wuld, it jist growed these Feelers or Antenners hear on my four head and thats wyh i Ware a hatt al the time. But on the Plus Side I can ete hankerchiffs and thay tasting reel good latly and i lik the Blue ones best.

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  1. Well, Joe Collidge, if you’re so smart, why didn’t you know there was a first round – the primaries? And as far as the ‘Torniquet’ goes – maybe you should wrap that securely around your antenners! It might help hold your thoughts together. Have you contacted Hil-liar-y to offer yourself as her running mate yet? She might be thrilled to have on her team the only person in the world taking moth hormones and growing antenners.

    As for me, I’m busy in Lintum Forest!

    1. And when I finish this one – The Fugitive Prince – I may have to start Bell Mountain all over again until I’m able to get the remaining three. And then I suppose I’ll have to wait until the 9th book has been sent to press.

      It sure beats being subjected to all the maddening arrogance of the political elite!

  2. Wow, Joe, you’re really in a muddle today 🙂 Are those treatments making you a bit foggy? I think your spelling is worse today than ever.
    I’m surprised you aren’t voting for Bernie Sanders. After all, he’ll give you free collidge and free food and free clothes and free healthcare. Are you feeling the bern yet?

    1. Wel i think Bernie “Sanders is great but Hillery is a wimmin and that is Even grater and yiu wuld be a Big Sexist iff yiu didn vote for her.

    2. Shows how much you know, Joe Collidge. Wimmins can’t be sexist! We’re already wimmins – and we didn’t have to take moth hormones and grow antenners to become wimmins

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