Illegals Collect Huge Tax Refunds

Is this part of that “white privilege” we hear so much about?

Thanks to some very sloppy and thoughtless work by our government–then again, they might have done this on purpose–illegal aliens are being paid billions of dollars in tax refunds. Some two million illegals will get refunds this year, and an uncounted multitude of children who live in Mexico, not here,  will be credited as dependents ( ).

Are you able to claim great throngs of undocumented “nieces” and “nephews” as dependents, entitling you to bigger and bigger tax refunds?

Didn’t think so.

No, your “privilege” is to work and work and work, and pay and pay and pay, while your glorious leaders zoom around in private jets and drink sissy drinks in Davos. They feel like real philanthropists when they dole our your money. Never their own.

But we would be Bad Christians if we didn’t allow this to be done to us, and take it with a smile. The Pope says so. Our leaders say so. God says “Thou shalt not steal,” but who asked Him?

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

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  1. A young 24 year old girl I know recently graduated from college with many liberal views. And then, ta da! she got a job. Now she sees how much of her paycheck doesn’t come home with her. Funny how something like a job and taxes can educate someone better than college can.

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