Obama Army Being Taught ‘White Privilege’ Ideology

So you don’t think our rulers are an existential threat to our country? You don’t think our leaders are purposely trying to destroy us?

Consider this, then.

Members of America’s armed forces–Barack Hussein Obama, proprietor–are being indoctrinated into the voodoo of “White Privilege” ideology: that is, the belief that white heterosexuals are responsible for all the problems of the world, and are selfishly clinging to “privileges” denied to Our Cherished Minorities ( http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-documents-reveal-us-army-indoctrinated-soldiers-on-dangers-of-white-privilege/ ).

When they’re not busy combating the equally deadly threat of Climate Change/Global Warming.

Anyhow, who could possibly be more privileged than Obama himself?

And if any of this results in a military that is unable to defend America from attack by any enemy who’s serious about it–hey, do you think our leaders care? Guess whose army they’ll be cheering for.

You know something? I don’t feel particularly privileged! I do feel that a lot of shifty people are trying to take advantage of me, and teaching idiots to hate me and blame me for their failures in life, and promising to help the idiots by hurting people like me.

If America ever achieved racial harmony, our leaders would sit down and wail.

The essential wicked ungodliness of our ruling class–especially the bunch in power today–stands once again revealed. Not that it was easy to reveal it: Judicial Watch had to get a judge to force the Defense Dept. to honor a Freedom of Information Act request.

See? Not only are they doing this; they also meant to keep it secret from us. We weren’t supposed to find out until some foreign enemy conquered us.

God has raised up these wicked leaders because we have sinned against Him.

Repent, pray, repent, pray–that He will throw down what He has raised up, because they boast themselves against Him.

3 comments on “Obama Army Being Taught ‘White Privilege’ Ideology

  1. God made man – all colors – white, black, brown, red, yellow – and He said it was very good. Even man, without political interference, most often gets along with his neighbors. Creating division is a politician’s dream, sickening though it is. Children don’t see color. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the world could see through the eyes of children.

    And then we have the ‘safe zone’ folks. The insanity is mind-boggling.

    Come Lord Jesus!

  2. Because marginalizing and demonizing a segment of the population has gone so well in the past, just ask the jews. This is pure Marxism at work. And just like Satan, it steals, kills, and destroys everything it touches.

  3. It is frightening to know that all this indoctrination was meant to be kept secret BUT God is indeed on His Throne and you’re right: our nation is getting what it deserves. Repentance and prayer is what we need to do.

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