When Irresistible Humbug Meets Immovable Crapola

One more news story for today, and then I’ve got to go wrap my head in duct tape before it explodes.

The National Science Foundation has spent more than $400,000 for a “scientific paper” by a loony professor at the University of Oregon, in which persons who study melting glaciers are exhorted to take “a feminist political ecology and feminist postcolonial approach” to the scientific study of glacial melt ( http://blurbrain.com/400k-study-global-warming-feminism-glaciers/ ).

What does any of that garbage mean?

It means we, the stupid taxpayers, are out the money.

Go ahead, I dare you–tell me “This is science” and try to defend it.

One comment on “When Irresistible Humbug Meets Immovable Crapola”

  1. They obviously make things up as they go along. I was relieved to see that you asked what that all means since I don’t understand it either. The next waste of our money could very well be for a study of the mating habits of the hermit crab. At least I’d understand that.

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